My OWOP and Finished Object

For Tilly’s One Week One Pattern challenge, I decided to use my Blank Canvas Tee.  I wear them all the time anyway since I started working from home, I have plenty of them lying around from muslining and because it’s a quick way to make a new top from little fabric.  This is Saturday- errands and the park with Lila and chores.

Another day, more time spent quietly at home wearing my super-comfy lightweight linen Strawberry Alarm Clock pants.  This BCT is made of bamboo- it’s slinkier than the cotton ones.  I also made it from a larger-than-my-bust size and took in the side seams, hence the big drapey sleeves.

I wore this Tulip Tee for most of the day Monday, but changed into shorts to go out and about.  The skirt is a double layer of cotton jersey, unblogged.

Another day, another soft tee and relaxed Jean Ross pants in organic cotton for being mommy and making patterns at home.  This one is also bamboo, and another from when I was first playing with the pattern.  I’m not a huge fan of the red and the purple versions of this tee, but they’re good for around the house.

That said, I think they can be “smartened up” with skirts and heels.  This is a favorite skirt of mine, made three or four years ago.  I grew tired of it but couldn’t deny the fabric was still good so I put it away for the best part of a year.  I pulled it out recently and I’m definitely feeling the love for this skirt again.  It’s a printed cotton pique.

The Birds on the Wires Tee again, this time worn with an unblogged pinwale skirt.  It’s comfy and I’m trying to use it to figure out how to make non-gapping front pockets.  It’s a work in progress, but I think I’m close to a breakthrough.

On Friday, when I was working on lace insertions of all kinds and finishing off the top I’ll show you tomorrow, I cut another BCT from scraps of linen-cotton jersey and stitched her together.  I love clothes from scraps!

It’s just a plain t-shirt with some lace detailing.  The lace on the side front connects to the line of lace at the back- simple but effective.  For this BCT, I went down a size from my full bust measurement (I fall between two sizes).  It’s snugger, but not too snug.

I like this pattern because it’s basic.  I can play with it.  And I can sew a new top from scraps of another top in less than an hour.   And the lace makes me happy.

Tomorrow: Spinalace Top!  It’s washed, worn, styled and I’m happier with it than anything I’ve made for some time.  Then I want to do a few posts on simple pattern alteration, because I have had several emails about how to play with seamlines on a knit.

Do you read CraftGossip?  Anne featured the Blank Canvas Tee recently, she’s so lovely!  Thanks, Anne!



  1. Do you know, right up until about 2 minutes ago, I was always reading the Blank Canvas Tee as BLACK Canvas Tee, and I’ve always (subconsciously in that way that you’re not really thinking logically about it) wondered if your first version wasn’t made with black canvas. *facepalm*

    ANYWHO, I love your variations, ESPECIALLY that last one! Can’t wait to see tomorrows post!

  2. Yay, someone else pairs knit tees with full floral skirts! I always felt a little silly doing so since in my head, knit tee = casual, athletic gear, and full floral skirts = prim and proper. I really like seeing how you used the BCT all week!

  3. My fave is the last one too, though they are all great. Oh now I have to add lace inserts into my list of things to do….. I do have to use up some lace one day I guess so why not hey?

  4. No-gap pockets: Put the pocket and side piece together, then drape it over a pressing ham (mimics a body’s actual curve). Then adjust the pocket so that it lies smoothly over the side piece while it is still on the ham — you’ll have a tiny bit of overhang to trim off so that the side seams match perfectly. Construct as usual. (Sandra Betzina revealed this bit of wizardry some years ago in one of her then-airing t.v. programs — I take no credit for the tip.)

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