Technique: Lace Insertion on Knit Fabric

I stopped and took several texture shots, I like the look of the lace on the fabric.

It’s still lace week here- I put together a pictutorial as I inserted the lace into my other flutter sleeve top cut from linen-cotton.  In fact, I got a little lace insertion-crazy this week- I just played with the lace to see what would develop.

Lace insertion is an “heirloom” type design feature, usually found on light weight woven fabrics.  I’m working with a knit, so the technique is a little different.  The sample stood up to all my tests, including the washing machine test, so I’m confident it will work well in a garment.  The cut edges of the knit won’t fray like most wovens will.

I can recommend this, but remember that a lace won’t stretch like a woven.  It will work for areas that don’t need to stretch much- either lengthwise on the garment on on an area of zero to positive ease.  As always on this type of fabric, I used a ballpoint needle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for playing the “40’s Charm or Cheongsam? Giveaway” game.  So far 40’s charm is in the lead, but the game doesn’t close until April 7.  Read more here.

Tomorrow is the OWOP post, and then I’ll show you how this top turned out.  I wanted to wash it in the machine first.


    • Sunday! Tomorrow I need to do OWOP… And I made a BCT from scraps of this top, couldn’t help myself.. I had to insert *just a little more* lace. ;)

  1. Can’t wait for the reveal! Hmm. I have white knit, but most of my lace is ivory. Not sure if it’ll work.

    Not that I have time to work on it right now. Blerg.

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  3. Hmmm…I need to get me some of those duckbill scissors! I have been itching to do a lace-insertion-something, but seeing as how I haven’t got any appropriate lace, I’ll have to wait to scratch that itch. In the meantime, thanks for the helpful pictorial!

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  5. Oh wow I didn’t realise you MADE the fabric like that. I just thought you bought it with the lace inset already. Well done!!

    • Yeah… I went there. ;) It doesn’t really take *that* long and it’s not hard, it’s just doing it… But for the effect, I think its worth it. Thanks.

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