Versatile Blogger Award

Julie Culshaw at The Beauty of a Stitch sent me the “Versatile Blogger Award” this week.  Thank you Julie, that’s my favorite word- versatile!  Julie’s been married for 38 years (that was one of her 7 Things) and says the secret is to be best friends with your husband.  I like that.

Since Julie shared, that means I need to share 7 things you didn’t know about me.  I feel hard pressed to come up with anything worth mentioning, but here goes:

  • I’ve traveled to 12 countries, the first was Morocco when I was 19.  It’s a gorgeous place, I hope I’ll go back sometime.

  • I used to take bets and dares… Once I ate a whole can of Betty Crocker vanilla frosting…  I do not take bets or dares anymore.
  • Sometimes I get very bad motion sickness, especially in cars.  The frosting probably doesn’t help matters.
  • I’m an introvert– meaning I need time alone or quiet to “recharge.”  But I’m not shy, generally.

  • I can’t stop watching the video for Kimbra’s “Cameo Lover.”  She’s a kiwi crooner, all over the radio here.  The accompanying video is so outrageously exuberant I can’t help but smile every time I see it.  Lila and I love dancing around to this song.  Part of me really wants to make her dress.
  • I don’t like penguins.  They make me uneasy.
  • I want to learn to surf, it’s not a new addition to my list of things to learn, but I should really get on that since I live near (ish) to some celebrated surfing beaches.

Now it’s time to pass this on to 7 other bloggers… I’m spotlighting a few that you may not know about, so do have a look:

Acorn Cottage– I love the way she thinks, and her photography.

Stiching and Needling- Sarah and i are practically neighbors (NSW) and she writes about sewing and keeping up with her young family.

Miss Crayola Creepy– I’m a newer reader, but I like her style and admire the hard work she puts in on the Sew Colette challenge.

The Hectic Eclectic- Mrs C is taking over a crafting shop in Wellington (how exciting!), and gives us glimpses of her theatrical sewing and useful stuff like a half circle skirt petticoat tutorial.

Quilting for Happiness- I know Melissa here in Brisbane, she’s a radiant person and does beautiful quilting and applique and oh everything.

Make it Smirk– Because she does.  Even when it’s hard to smirk, and I admire that. I also admire anyone who will make a cargo type skirt out of slubbed silk.  Love it.

Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue- Another near neighbor.  Sue does really lovely work, I like her style.  Especially that Ottobre top- meow!

Thanks for playing!


  1. It is said that blogging is perfect for we introverts. We can tune in when we want and then tune out when we need to as too much stimulation can ruin a good day. I find that with my clients…too many in one day and the energy level goes down and the brain is speeded up. I too get motion sickness mainly on buses. Love your choice of blogs that you follow especially the Acorn cottage and her hens photos.

    • Yes, that happens to me, too…. Or if I’m out and about, even if I’m having a great time, there often comes a point where I feel completely overwhelmed and want to be left alone.

      Those hens photos are so cute, right? :)

  2. Why thank you!! :) I like the term Versatile too, It sounds better than “has attention span of a…oooh, what’s that?!” which I fear in my case is closer to the mark (extrovert, external validation and stimulation required!)

    • Heh heh heh… I guess versatile can mean that, I prefer to think of it as a juggling act.

      MrsC! I would *never* have guessed you’re an extrovert. ;) hehe.

  3. The penguin thing made me laught–not at you though (I just wanted to make that clear). I feel for you with the motion sickness thing; it runs in my family and I have it BAD. I’ve never traveled outside of America, but that’s amazing that you’ve visited so many places! I want to go everywhere one day and see everything. Also, I never take dares. Ever. Because of things like that. No me gusta.

    • I don’t mind, even if it’s *at* me, it’s pretty funny I suppose. ;) I don’t get sick on planes or trains (usually) but every now and then I can’t ride in a car… One thing that sometimes helps me is to make sure I eat well before I go on a car trip. If I go out with an empty stomach then I’m just asking for it.

      Yeah, taking dares is pretty stupid… I wasn’t the smartest 21-year old in the world. ;)

  4. Kimbra is kind of awesome. Thanks for introducing me to her music.
    I do occasional 6-hour drives to see my kids and granddaughter, and I suspect Kimbra’s music is going to make it into my driving music along with Sophie Ellis Bextor and David Benoit.
    I like penguins. You can just shoo them my way when they creep you out.

    • No problem!! :) Her voice is so amazing, catchy hooks… And I like her dance moves. Like a pretty girl Beck or something. I’ll check out Sophie Ellis Bextor and David Benoit…

      You know, I never thought of that. Simple and effective. :) Do you think even the big ones would shoo?

  5. Thank you for the shout out! xo

    And I hear you about the car sickness thing! The last two times I have went to Santa Barbara on the back roads I have gotten sick. I thought something was wrong with me, but then I realized that both times my mom was driving and she drives like a maniac :)

  6. Thankyou! I think I must be an introvert too.. I get anxious if there are people around me too much. I’m dreading the thought of having to go back to work because I don’t know how I’ll manage having people around all the time.

    I think one of my friends could probably beat you on the dares thing though.. he snorted a teaspoon of wasabi… for a dollar.

  7. For Nausea we would use ginger or mint (the stronger the mint flavor the better it worked). When your out and about drink non-carbonated ginger ale and that should help. Someone mentioned David Benoit he has great music. The sites you suggested look interesting, I’ll have to check them out.

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