Finished Object: Make It Snappy Shorts

I can’t say for sure when I gave up on these shorts.  Perhaps it was after I carefully altered Burda 10-2011-127 using my pants block (taking photos all the way!) and put the pattern to fabric only to find I had no where near enough for 7/8 jeans or even capris.  The store had no more, no more anywhere.

Perhaps I gave up on these shorts when the cross-grained fabric in the back double yoke started spreading like a pat of butter in a frypan despite taping.  I will say for sure that at some point I quit giving it the “proper jeans” treatment.  No careful chalk lines for top-stitching, no unpicking just a few stitches and carefully re-stitching for perfect lines.  Nope.  I just sewed the seams once, as well as possible, to get this fabric out of my sewing room.

(Worn with the Bow Tie Tee, View B)

It’s weird, weird fabric.  In retrospect, I’m rather pleased I didn’t make a full pair of jeans with this fabric.  It’s too weird.  I do like the pattern and will make it again, longer, in pink cord.  I might change up the pocket detailing slightly.

These pockets came out as everything I could wish for in a jeans pocket.  My little snap tab was entirely superfluous, it looks like the welts won’t gape after all.

That said, the Snappy Shorts are a very comfortable and useful garment.  I live in the land of perpetual summer and don’t have any shorts.  They’ll be great for chores, playing, and sticking around the house when it’s hot.  I may wear them out sometime, but maybe not.

Today we combined chores with taking photos- it’s nice to be able to show a new garment in its context.

A little bit of housekeeping: I keep hearing my blog has ads.  I don’t know why.  I don’t make money from them and I’m rather irritated they’re here, even though I can’t see them on my own computer.  If you’re a wordpress guru and you know how to make them stop, please let me know.

(Check out Karin’s version of the Bow Tie Tee and her review of the pattern.  I love it on her!)

(Take a sneak peek at the Pants Block Service page if you’re curious.  I’ll be *finally* launching this service on Monday.  Pants Testers– If we have work to do on your block, please email me.)


  1. They’re very cute shorts – beautiful pockets! And they look perfect for doing what needs to be done around the house :) As for ads on your blog, I haven’t seen any.

  2. No ads on my computer screen either. It is funny how we get used to seeing shorts as something that ends around the knees or cropped below the knees when in the 70’s we all were wearing hot pants and very short shorts. I think they look nice and the pockets are cute.

  3. I need some more proper shorts, not just old jeans with the legs cut off, our summer lasts about three days in August(!) so I don’t really have much hot weather gear. These are fab, and I don’t see any adverts on my laptop, I wonder what’s going on there? X

    • I would love that.

      For a while… I get so excited the first morning of the year when I wake up and the air is slightly cooler… The little reminder that summer won’t actually last forever. 8 months of summer *sounds* nice, but it gets old…

      Ever have a pants remnant you can turn into shorts? That way they’re “Free” and it matters less how often you get to wear them… Maybe sailor shorts? ;)

      • Currently mulling over some ‘tap pants’ in a light swishy cotton, we are going to Spain for a week later in the year so will need more hot weather clothes than I have. The main thing that bugs me with our weather is inconsistency, this week 2 cold days, 1 light coat day, 1 monsoon with sleet, 1 dry but dull and very windy, 1 sunny but cold, and one warm enough to get out in the garden and finally start digging over my veg plot! Hope it makes it mind up soon. X

      • Ooh I like that.. Swishy tap pants.. Now I’m thinking about seersucker ones, maybe with some kind of lace applique, completely unrelated… ;) Seersucker isn’t even remotely swishy…

        I like weather, too. That’s been a big “acclimation” challenge for me since moving here… I’m from thunderstorm country, wild and erratic weather… But the sun almost always shines on se queensland…

  4. I’ve moved to the land of perpetual rain (Seattle) and can only dream of shorts. Especially shorts that fit as well as yours!

    I am viewing your site on Google Chrome. There is consistently a 30 second video ad just above the comments. It appears to link to a youtube clip. It doesn’t bother me; I just hoped you were making some money from it.

    • No, no money from it. :( I think I found how to get rid of it- pay $29.. Awesome.

      How long have you lived in Seattle? I visited there once and always wanted to go back, it’s such a lovely and cool place. :)

  5. It’s marthaeliza again. Because I am geeky that way, I looked at your site on IE9 and firefox browsers. Like Chrome, there was an ad at the bottom of the post. No ads appear at the bottom on your index page, just the individual post page.

  6. I haven’t seen any ads from my phone; I’m not sure about my normal computer.

    Those are cute shorts! Not to mention that they look amazing on you.

    • Thanks for checking… I’m getting to the bottom of the ads, apparently they’re done by wordpress and only show to those who aren’t logged in. Grr.

      Thank you! :)

  7. I have never seen ads anywhere on any of your pages. (I use Firefox as a browser, and I do have “Adblock Plus” as an add-on)

  8. Good save – and a nice pair of shorts!

    My main sewing last summer was shorts. I made 3 pairs and it was a gratifying project. I’m originally from California, so even here in NY I tend to live in them whenever I don’t have to be in an office. I think people tend to take shorts for granted – just buying whatever from the mass-retail store. After making my own shorts, I don’t think I’ll ever buy RTW again. (Except for technical bike shorts and such). I altered my pattern to fit me – adding depth to the inseam, etc. That makes a BIG difference in comfort! I have also always hated shorts legs that flare out, so I made mine very slightly tapered and they are so much more flattering. I added a little strip of interfacing to the upper inner leg seam allowances to prevent ride up too. For anyone who thinks they hate shorts – try making your own & see if that changes your mind.


    P.S. No ads here either.

    • I can see what you mean. It’s kind of satisfying to have shorts with a few nice details, rather than just plain old “whatever” type shorts…

      I could not agree more about the importance of proper fit in pants/shorts. Absolutely vital for comfort.

    • Funny! I always add a little flare to my shorts. To my eyes it is so much more flattering than tapering them in. I think some types of ‘flattering’ are really in the eye of the beholder!

  9. I use firefox, but checked it in chrome and IE9 and cannot see any ads anywhere on any of them (any any any any any… ugh, english needs more words).

    Thos are really cute shorts, and even if the snap on the buttons isn’t ‘necessary’, it looks good. Maybe the fabric would be better suited to something like kids jeans where a bit of stretch is a very happy thing because they grow so darn fast? I just finished making a pair for my 3yr old (I’m not really a masochist, but she gets upset with the low rise of RTW pants and ensuing plumber immitation so I had to make her some that don’t make her cry) and I was petrified the entire time that I’d get to the end and discover they were too tight. Fabric like that might have been less worry worthy..

    • Well done making toddler jeans! I thought about using this piece of fabric for that purpose, but Lila has a couple pairs already and she’ll be getting a pair of pink cords from the remnants of my pink cords (when I make them…)…

      This fabric is so stretchy I could easily put on the shorts without unzipping the fly before I put the waistband on. Really weird fabric.

      • Thanks! It was both easier and harder than I expected. I’m curious to know what a pattern would have directed me to do differently, but not enough to buy a pattern.

        Being that stretchy could be a good thing though, for lounging round the house gear.

  10. Spunky shorts!!! I’m on my phone & there is a small banner ad above the “share this” section advertising sign up for a $100 Contiki voucher.

  11. Love the shorts! The detailing looks fabulous, even if it isn’t as persnickety as you meant it to be. I did giggle when you mentioned having no shorts living where you live. Looks like I’m not the only one with shorts issues!

    I’ve never seen ads on your blog, and no one has ever mentioned ads on mine. Then again, I’m constantly logged in to WordPress.

  12. Thanks!

    I don’t wear shorts as a sun issue- if I wear shorts outside during the day my legs tan and burn. I never saw the point of making something I’d only wear around the house (under cover of a roof). Sure, most of my clothes end up that way, but to go out of my way just to make house-shorts seemed unnecessary until I had an insufficient piece of denim in my possession. Never fear, I like my legs and I’m quite happy to expose them to the elements when it doesn’t mean applying copious amounts of sunscreen several times a day! :)

    I paid wordpress off to get rid of them, I figured out I can do it through the Store option in the dashboard… Here’s hoping that gets rid of it…

  13. I agree, everyone needs a pair of shorts in a hot climate. These are cute and look pretty durable too. I like the picture of you hanging out clothes. My favourite chore, when the weather is good!

  14. Wow! Those pockets are amazing!

    Re:ads, I had the same problem. I switched from blogspot to a free blog with my address, but was oblivious to the ads showing up on my blog when I was logged in. I found ads were showing up when I was not logged in, as if I were viewing it as a reader. I ended up switching to and self-hosting and no more ads, as far as I know.

    • Thanks… I want to make them again and again and again and again…

      I paid them off to get rid of the ads, I’m pretty sure that very soon I’ll make the switch over to a .org… I thought about just starting with a .org last fall, but I didn’t know how to self-host and since I was already learning a lot of other things I just left it… Hmmmm.. :)

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