I Went to The Fabric Store, So Many Goodies! (And project updates)

I did some serious fabric shopping today, which is pretty huge for me.  Aside from a few lengths of fabric earmarked for Lila or husband clothes and some truly bizarre odds and ends, I have no stash.  It took a long time to sew down.

Of course, that means I have to actually go out and find the fabric I want for a particular project, and I have several in beginning stages at the moment…

This is a very useful fabric.  I picked up a meter of this stretch no-wale cord (?) in pale teal and since made it into an extremely cute, tough skirt which is yet unblogged.  It’s rather heavy with low pile- cotton and lycra.  I want to use the pink to make a winter version of the same Burda pattern I’ve been working with in denim.  Previously tested pattern + previously tested fabric = safe and easy win.   I haven’t decided what to do with the khaki, but at $8/m (veerrrry cheap for a good bottom weight here) I had to pick up a pants-length.  Yes, I know- and so the re-stashing begins, right?

Megan!  Picking your dress colors gave me a headache!  I’m terribly pleased I have my hands on three bits of cotton sateen close enough to Megan’s dress colors that I won’t be embarrassed to call it Megan’s Mod dress.  I like that I can’t see the back of the dress on her.  That means I can make it up as I please…

This… I wish I could eat it.  It’s a linen-cotton slub knit with a very pleasing texture.  I suspect the texture will become more pronounced after a few hot washes- the linen will shrink more than the cotton, and it should become quite soft and floaty.  I plan to use it for The Flutter-By Tee, March’s Hack. (Couldn’t get the Angel Top out of my mind, Leila and Leah!)

This silk twill is most satisfactory.  I *really* wanted to buy some a few months ago but a combination of an empty bank account and no project for it meant I left it at the store.  They still had some today!  I plan to use it for Sybil’s blouse– the one with the lovely simple border bands.  The plain sateen to the right is the tentative border fabric, even though it doesn’t match any of the pinks exactly.  What’s your opinion?  Keep looking for another solid, or use it?

Be still my beating heart… I am sure I asked for 1.5m, I was charged for 1.5m but I brought home much more than 1.5m, more like 2.5.  I didn’t notice until after washing, and I’m not heartbroken over it.  I’ll ring the shop tomorrow.  That means I can make two blouses (probably) with this fabric!!

Everything is in the wash (even the silk, all the reds and pinks together..).  Tomorrow I have my weird new shorts to show you.  I hardly want to take them off.

By the way, I took down the BCT pattern.  It’s been getting increased traffic lately and that makes me nervous.  It’s one thing to mess around with a pattern experiment and a few beta versions, but I’d really prefer to have a *nice* final version of the pattern up if it’s going to be downloaded frequently.  She’ll be back by the 14th.


  1. I love the silk twill! So yummy! I think it will look lovely as Sybil’s blouse (which btw I’m also working on!). If I were picking a boarder band, I think I’d look for a darker color to match the darkest color in the fabric.

    • Ooooh… I’m going to go stalk your blog and see what yours looks like. Did you use an underarm gusset? I’m so on the fence about it…

      • I didn’t put in an underarm gusset as I’ve never done one before. I can’t tell if mine has more awkward fabric in the armpit area because of that or because the actress is just smaller chested than me. If I make another one, I might try putting them in. Not sure though…

  2. I’d say go with the solid you already have for the border – I like it, I think it actually does go somewhere in the radiant (?) part of the print.
    Generally, though, I’d say use something that goes well with your face!

  3. When your page loaded and I saw that lovely print at the header, I thought… oh don’t tell me that’s actually fabric… SWOON. I love it. Cameras sometimes do funny things to colours, but I think it’s okay to not be identical to any of the pinks. it’s in the right family it keeps it from being too matchy matchy. It’s going to be a beautiful blouse.

    • heeheee.

      The husband said more or less the same thing… He said the border color looks like all the colors from the silk mixed together… It’s not a high-contrast, but the blouses in DA don’t have high contrast bands, either… The effect is more subtle.

      I’m thinking that ladies in that era might not have worn much bright red and pink? Where’s Leimomi when I need her…? ;)

  4. I’m trying to work towards my goal of sewing up all of my stash too. It’s surprising how much more creative you can be when you limit yourself.

  5. My stash is going the opposite way-one of our beloved upscale fabric shops in town is having a months-long closing-out sale, and the prices are ridiculous. You can imagine how big the stack is getting.

    Question: you pre-wash your silk, eh? Do you do this with all your silks? And, how? I often pre-wash my wool wovens (which, in Canada, we use a lot of. Enough that drycleaning gets prohibitive) by soaking them in cold soapy water, rinsing, and laying flat to dry. I’ve never pre-washed silks, though, and refrained from sewing with them too much because I hate drycleaning. Pre-washing could change everything…

    • Well, if it’s raining put out vats to collect the water, right? Hmm.. That makes more sense inside my head than outside of it. That is to say, I’d do the same in your situation…

      I do pre-wash my silks. Always. This one was pre-washed with corduroy. I feel a post about silk coming on, this is a topic I have been running across a lot lately… Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong for years, or maybe silk isn’t quite as delicate as we give it credit for…

  6. I, too, would like to know more about your pre-washing process! I never even bother walking into the silk section because I don’t know the first thing about washing, sewing with, or ironing silks. Or wearing them, for that matter. Also, I am so impressed that you sewed down your stash! So it *is* possible…

    • It is possible, though some of my coworkers heard I sewed down my stash a few months ago and dumped some of theirs on me and I’ve been sewing my way out of it ever since. ;) Don’t tell people in a sewing shop you don’t have a stash…

      I think I’ll get on it and write a post about silk. Including a cautionary tale of rugby gear and harsh soap… Sigh.

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