Bow Tie Tee Hack and Call for Pattern Testers

(If anyone wants to fix my line drawing, please be my guest.)

Today I worked on the multi-sized pattern for the Bow Tie Tee and completed the hack.  It is available here in .pdf- 7 pages.  I’ll also add it to the BCT page this weekend.  If you’ve ever wanted to try a little light drafting but felt overwhelmed by technical books and drafting manuals, you might take a look at the hack.  Once you get your hand in a bit, you might be surprised how simple it really is to draft in fun design details.  I’m happy to answer specific questions via email.

That said, it’s not easy to draft for yourself if you don’t have solid experience sewing.  I’m releasing a very clean and user-friendly multi-size version of this pattern very, very soon through my Craftsy pattern shop.

After I posted the first Bow Tie Tee, my friend Enid told me to put it on backwards, so I tried it.  I like it almost as much as I like the cutout in front!  It looks a little saggy here, but I’m sure it would look less so after washing.

The front is- not perfect, but presentable.  Inoffensive.  It works either way- backwards or front.  Neat.   I’ll be working on the colorblocked version this weekend, it should be finished by the time the pattern is all tested and ready to go next week!

Speaking of testing, I need two testers please for this pattern.  I prefer if you can work with a very basic set of instructions, as I will be working on the final instructions.  Let me know in the comments, and I’ll choose two people to send the pdf to tomorrow once it’s all scanned.  I think it should sew beautifully, but I would like to test it before I offer it for sale.

While we’re on the subject of hacking, did you see what CationDesigns did to the BCT?  She hacked it Jason Wu style, that’s what!

Thanks for all the advice regarding drafting paper.  What an interesting topic, I never realized so many of us compost!  I have a few ideas and leads, I’ll let you know when I’m playing with something new.

Check out my Hack Ideas board for a look at future inspiration.  Let me know what you like.

Tomorrow- the work of Francois Robert and other masculine stuff…


  1. I wish I had the time to test this for you at the moment, but sadly don’t. However, I’m looking forward to buying this pattern when it becomes available. It’s so cute!!!!

    • Thanks! I’m working to make it the best pattern yet. :) I’ll need another set of testers each month, toward the last week. February was short, even with the leap day!

  2. I like your line your drawings! They sort of have a cute little personality while still getting across the information. I would be happy to test your tshirt for you. (Provisos: I don’t have a serger, I do all my knit sewing on a sewing machine. It would take me a week of free time to get it done, so my turn around time might be a little slow.)

  3. Completely off-topic, Stephanie, I saw this picture and immediately thought of you. I love the way the plaid looks on the kimono sleeves!

    • I love off topic. When I looked at the photo, I’d forgotten when I was looking for and snickered at the sentiment on the pillow. Hehe.

      Plaid is way fun to play with. Thanks!

  4. I’d be happy to test for you. Lots of pattern drafting experience and a teacher (Home Ec) as well. Put my name in the hat!

  5. Wow. I like it much better turned around! My opinion of the bow tie tee just did a 180 too :) Too bad I don’t have anymore knit fabric sitting around!

    Thanks for linking to my hack…and I just did another one! Seriously, this pattern just keeps giving. So glad and appreciative that you did this!

    • Your hack is so cute! Both of them. :) It IS the top that keeps giving.. I have some sleeve variations, all kinds of stuff planned..

  6. I’d love to be a pattern tester also for this pattern. Your approach of sharing hack instructions as well as a complete pattern is very neat. I’m intrigued by the colour blocking idea.

    • Thanks… :) I think I spent so much time desperate to learn how to draft and making all kinds of mistakes and messes, I wanted to try to make it easier for others like me…

      I hope the color blocking looks as cool in reality as it does in my head… It could easily be crickets…

  7. I really like this hack and that its wear-either-way. Perfect. Can’t wait until the pattern is available either ….. really need to get the Blank Canvas T but have to finish some of the stuff on my list……

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  10. Well, I’ve drafted the bow tie tee but now have got it stuck in my head it needs to be stripey fabric so I’m waiting to test it out. Pale blue plain tshirt knit (which is all I have suitable) won’t show up the details like a chevron back that I so covet. Have considered painting my own stripes and it may come to that soon. Or dyeing some pieces and colour blocking it.

    • oh! Oh! I don’t know where to start! First- I’m THRILLED someone is hacking along. :) And I think hand-painted stripes could be a very cool design feature… I’m picturing slightly wavy water-color type stripes… I don’t usually have a problem finding striped fabric though- are you rural?

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