A Little Green Man and Dress Pinks

I’ve been cutting this Lorax stencil for the past four weeks.  Hands down, it is the most time-consuming stencil I’ve ever cut.  See the red lines?  Mr. Lorax didn’t have a late night out, that’s where I patched the stencil because I slipped with the razor blade a couple of weeks ago.  Fingers crossed it works!

Mr. Lorax will be lime green on deep royal blue.  Like the “Choo Choo Choose You” shirt, I’m creating a lighter design on a darker background.  It’s a much longer process than a dark color on a light background because it requires many coats of paint.  This is the first.

And the second.  This may take quite a few coats.  I let it dry for an hour or two between layers, and make sure each layer is quite thin for the best coverage.  The Lorax will probably be my last stencil for a while, the set of shirts for my husband was kind of like one big project and once this guy and the pinstripe tee are finished (maybe tomorrow afternoon!) I can stop thinking about it and focus on other projects.

While I’m sharing WIPs, check out my dress pinks, picked up today at The Fabric Store:

I bought enough of the paler pink for a short modish dress.  In the store, the color looked much paler.

This pink looked almost white in the store.  I thought I could use it instead of white.  Not that I can’t find white, I just thought it would look cool.  Once I got home, I saw I should have bought a dress length of the palest pink rather than the medium pink I took home.  Lesson: make sure to look at fabrics in natural light when matching colors!

Sigh.  That’s why I haven’t attempted this dress- I knew color matching would make me want to tear my eyes out.  At least I like the “wrong” pink I bought and it’s a versatile fabric.  And goodness, sateen isn’t hideously expensive so later this week I’ll trudge back to the shop and buy a length of the perfect-pink-that-is-actually-nowhere-close-to-white and smile about it because it will match Megan’s dress rather well.

Can you tell I’m not working on much of my own stuff at the moment? It’s kind of bits and pieces because I’m working on patterns and other goodies…

Thanks for all the input on my jeans, by the way!  I’ll be sure to document how I do the double yoke so I can post it.


  1. The fabric is gorgeous, I´m so envious as I either have to travel over an hour to Malaga where it´s really expensive and all a bit garish or wait until I go to the UK to stock up :(

  2. Stencils are *such* a lot of work for the amount of use you get out of them. Someday I’ll investigate multiple-use options, but of course then you need a design you’re going to want to use more than once (though I bet your husband wouldn’t mind a lifetime supply of Lorax tees ;) )

    Fluorescent light can be such a pain. I picked up an olive-green doubleknit to make my mom a shirt for Christmas, and when I got it home it was brown. She likes brown, too, so it’s not the end of the world—but still annoying.

    • Well- my students who use more freezer paper than I because they do applique assure me that I can re-use the stencil several times. I have yet to try this, but I have been carefully peeling them off and saving them just in case I can re-use them. If I can’t, I sort of like the extravagant use of time involved…

      Darn those color-shifting fabrics!!!

    • Husband and I were both raised with him, and he’s a big favorite still in our house… It’s a distinct pleasure to introduce Lila to our favorite children’s books.. :) I hear there’s a movie coming out sometime and they were going to remove the refrain “I speak for the trees!” which is kind of the whole point of the Lorax….

  3. I’m excited about the Mad Men dress, and the Lorax stencil is awesome! I’m glad you were able to save it, because this shirt is going to be awesome :-D

  4. That is indeed a detailed stencil! Props to you for taking the time to cut out each tuft of fur on the Lorax’s mustache! And speaking of lighting in fabric stores, I could’ve sworn my BCT fabric was a pale minty seafoam (and it photographs that way), but when I got home, it was actually a drab olive green. Doesn’t change how I feel about it, but it was a bit of a surprise, that’s for sure.

    • Wow that’s a huge jump from pale minty seafoam to drab olive green! My my! At least it was an ok surprise. :) I’ll have to remember to take the fabric outside. Sigh.

  5. Steph you are amazing! have you thought about using your stencils with a silk screen? You can apply fabric paint thicker that way and the silk keeps all of the tiny bits in place, and reuse them.
    Mind you, I think your Banksie art t-shirts are utterly fabulous, works of real art!
    Clever you finding the right pink for Megan, in a round about way ;-)

    • We have talked about it… I also want a coverhem machine but mostly its an issue of space/keeping our earthly possessions at a minimum while we’re renting… One day I’d like to think I’ll have that equipment, maybe an indigo dye vat (they’re like keeping a pet..) and a spinning wheel and perhaps a loom of some kind… And some merino sheep. That would be nice. ;)

    • Thanks… I keep a stencil out on the self-heal mat and the razor blade in a handy-to-me-but-not-Lila place… I like to work on them when a TV show is on, or I’m chatting or whatnot… Like picking up a bit of knitting…

    • I’ll send you one too. ;P

      I can’t remember the last time I wore that style of t-shirt… Though I guess I could put him on a shoulder bag and he’d look pretty rad..

  6. Lorax!!! Although, I kind of hate all the adverts that have been using him in the wind up for the movie. They make me sad. I actually only saw one, and was informed of a couple others.

    • Yes, after I read this I went digging around and the fact that they’re using the Lorax to sell a Mazda makes me sick. Colbert made a joke about it- something along the lines of it’s a new groundbreaking hybrid technology: it uses “gas” and “oline.”


  7. I love the lorax too and full marks for your wonderfully detailed stencil. BTw you’ve reminded me of the time I bought some ‘pumpkin’ knit over the internet only to find out it was runny poo brown..

  8. I am in awe of your stencil. The lorax rocks- although Horton is my all time fav( book not movie!)

    • Horton’s pretty awesome, too! But I think of any Seuss characters, the Lorax is probably the only one my husband would consent to wear. He’s so particular.. :)

  9. Megan’s dress is so pretty, I don’t remember seeing that one – you will get there – and it will be fab, so excited about Mad Men Challenge – but still have a lot to do!

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  11. What a wonderful stencil! I love the Lorax, although I’m a little sad it’s suddenly been commercialized. I felt the same way about LOTR.

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