Hunting and Gathering: Fabric Shopping at Lincraft

Imagine Bed Bath and Beyond (or rather, the bath and home section of Target) got together with Joann’s and had a child which they then stuffed into the top two floors of a large shopping centre.  They named it Lincraft.  (And my child came running when she heard the camera turning on.)  Lila and I poked around Lincraft today, so I thought I’d add it to my reviews of Brisbane fabric stores.

You can see they have piles of rolls of fabric everywhere, and most of it is not worth bending over for a closer look.  I dig around anyway, because I’m an optimist and some of my most unique fabric finds have come from Lincraft.

But mostly, mostly it’s not worth it…  I don’t go to Lincraft for the fabric as a rule.  I go for this:

The wall of extremely well-organized laces

The lace section at Lincraft never lets me down.  They have every type of lace I ever looked for, and then some:

I really can’t picture the pleated tulle fluted trim on anything other than a dance costume.  What is this called?  (Hubba hubba, just spotted the tulle roses in the background…)

I never noticed their crocheted laces, but I have Downton Abbey on my mind- specifically this blouse:

Maybe I’ll go back and take a closer look at those laces…

Lincraft also has a lovely long button wall.  If I can’t find what I’m looking for in a button, Lincraft will usually have it.

They also carry all kinds of hat-making supplies- netting and sinamay and ready made hat blocks for covering and embellishing.

Lila loves playing in the hats/accessories section.

She discovered a piece of gorgeous purple bordered burnout velvet.  Part of me really, really wanted to take a chunk of this home but I left it.

I did bring home two delicious pieces of cotton and rayon jersey for a color-blocked Bow Tie Dress.  Weirdly, these two colors don’t want to be photographed- it’s more a sky blue and deep lilac.

(Thanks for all your tips and advice regarding the troublesome but gorgeous contrast bands on the Megan dress.  I *might* have found some suitable sateen today, but I have to leave the swatches on the fridge so I can see them for a few days before I decide.)


  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the colour blocked dress. Those colours look lovely together.

    • Thanks! I had a limey green with an emerald green, the the lilac with the emerald.. I liked them but when I put the lilac on the sky blue I KNEW I wouldn’t be wasting my fabric money.. .;)

    • Oh, I wish I could be there!! I adore (on every level) the orange iarbfc and buttons. Perfection. I may have to search my stash for some vintage purple buttons, snatch up some of the exact iarbfc, and make this very dress for my Stella!!!

    • Well– I can’t *always* find what I’m looking for. They don’t have much by way of wood or bone, if that makes you feel better?

    • It’s a huge store, but most of what they have is kind of rubbish… They could totally downsize to just fancy fabrics, lace, buttons and yarn and probably save a bundle on rent…

      Thank you! She’s becoming quite a camera hog…

  2. I wish we had a store with such a good range of ‘almost everything’, sigh. Although I have been to BOYES today to gaze at my sage green satin (again) X

    • Don’t worry, I’m planning to do a lovely lovely lace buying binge there soon for a blog giveaway. ;) Shh.

      I don’t know BOYES…?

      • Tis a chain of stores in Yorkshire, cheap fabric but not much choice, and I found a big spider in the pattern display so I don’t like looking through their folders anymore! X

    • I am one Oliver+S-colored JELLY BELLY! (aka jealous) of well, two thgnis actually the fact that I can’t be there to enjoy the demonstration/class AND, of those lovely little buttons on that darling card. Were those from your personal stash? or were they something you picked up in N.Y.? PERFECT combination with that fabric!

    • So sweet. Looking forward to class tormorow. I cut out my paper pattern pieces last night and will be cutting out my fabric (already laundered) tonight. I need to pick out buttons! Laura, I hope you and/or Loop have some!

  3. I’ve been into Lincraft in Melbourne and my reaction was just like yours! Mostly, a shop of meh. And then the great trims. But on holiday I don’t tend to want to buy things like that. Big fan of crochet lace myself, got oojas of it! I think because it looks old fashioned, and is sturdy enough to survive. Like me?! hehehe

  4. That would be the “good” fabric store if it were here. ;) I have a Joanne’s and a fabric seconds store.

    As for the blouse, I’ve made up the long-sleeved version of Folkwear 210 a couple of times, it’s very *very* similar to the blouse pictured.

    Yay for Lila and running for pictures. Too precious. :)

    • Very similar eh? Excellent.

      She’s a funny little girl. We have good times mostly. I have to bribe her with sushi when we go to Lincraft or she becomes very tiresome very quickly…

  5. That blouse caught my eye, too. I am going to use french laces used in heirloom sewing (think Christening gowns). I am using the Armistice Blouse from Folkwear patterns.
    Hear are some of the laces I was thinking of.

  6. Haha! That picture of Lila with the feather boas! FABULOUS!

    At least the button and trim selection is good. I never even find buttons or trims at Spotlight.

    I am intrigued but not convinced by the burnout velvet. To me its one of the things that can be fantastic done right, but done wrong, is beyond horrible.

  7. I seldom find buttons or trim at Spotty’s… I should do a review of that place soon… Though when I was in there yesterday I spotted some outrageous cotton wide wale cord on sale… All the cord from last winter held up beautifully and I wants some more…

    I thought the same about the burnout, quickly ran through my mental list of projects for the next 6 months and came up with nothing. But I do think it could be quite, quite something.

  8. Hmm, that sounds a lot like SAS Fabrics here: lots of hit or miss fabrics, excellent selection of trims for very decent prices, too! Also, I don’t generally like small human beings, but your daughter could change my mind…she is absolutely adorable! Way to get her started early on fabric shopping :)

    • Aw, thanks. I am not much for kids, either, but I do love this one to pieces. And my friends’ kids are ok, too. But as a rule they kind of terrify me….

      She’s learning fibers by touch.. I stick my hands in something and say linen, she does the same. It keeps her from running around like a mad monkey and maybe it will stick.

  9. No way! I was in Lincraft this morning! Maybe I just missed you.

    I think I’ve bought fabric there only once. But it is good for notions – I’ve definitely scored just the right kind of ribbon, braid, and a particular kind of snap (like you get on backpacks and some outdoor gear).

    • I went yesterday afternoon… I’d love to coordinate sometime… Once someone came up to me in a fabric store- she recognized my jacket and my child from the blog… I wouldn’t mind a planned fabric store meetup. I’m going to The Fabric Store later this week… :)

      • I do need to go back to the Fabric Store, but unfortunately it won’t be this week. One day though!

  10. Lincraft always used to simultaneously enthrall and repulse me – likely for the reasons you listed above. My hometown has a couple of independent fabric stores that were a little more quirky and fabulous, so I tended to lurk there if I was wanting to fondle fabrics… Lincraft for the trims :)

    • I tried to be kind and avoid those words, but I honestly enter the store and think that 3/4 of it is a complete and utter waste of space. I thought it was just me being picky.

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