Kimono Wrap Top Pattern Now Available and Merino Fabric Giveaway!

The Kimono Wrap Top and Draped Cardigan pattern is now for sale on Craftsy!  I learned a LOT about making a pattern for sale with this project, and I hope to make more patterns available in the future.

Not for a while, though.

The Kimono Wrap top uses 1.7m (1 3/4 yd) of medium weight knit fabric and modern sewing techniques.  It’s a heavily adapted version of Advance 7701 from the 50’s.   I like how quickly the pieces go together, and the fact that it’s easy to wear without but feminine and pretty.  Check out the details on the pattern page.

To celebrate, I went shopping at The Fabric Store.  Not for me, for you!  I picked up this delicious piece of blue New Zealand merino to give away.  I’ve been going on about this fabric so much lately, I’d like to share the merino joy.  This piece is not exactly sweater weight, more like a winter blouse / spring cardigan.

Can you believe the way it ripples when I drop it?

When the fabric is laid out flat and the light hits it just so, I see shadowy stripes.  I love subtle details!

When I hold it up to the light, I see the gently slubbed yarn.  It’s fine, but strong and soft.

To win 1.7m of New Zealand merino fabric and a copy of the Kimono Wrap pattern, leave a comment below telling me what kind of pattern you’d like to see next. (Not immediately.  I’m knackered.)  If you would like to enter more than once, post a link to this page on your blog or Facebook and let me know in a separate comment.  MT @3hourspast and a link to this post on twitter to enter, as well.

I’ll choose a winner at random next Saturday evening at 6pm (my time)!  I’ll ship anywhere.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support while I worked on this, I probably wouldn’t have tried making a “nice” pattern otherwise.  It’s not perfect (what is?)- if you have any difficulties or find any errors please let me know and I’ll correct them.

I’m going to take it easy the next week or so- I have a friend visiting from the United States!  I’ll still write posts and email, but at a slower pace.

Edited to Add: If you win the pattern and you’ve already bought it, I will refund you.


  1. That Merino is just delicious! I’m glad to hear that you are going to take it easy. Major projects like this one can really take it out of you. It is hard to say which one of your patterns I would most like to see next, but I would have to admit I love your pants with the pleat in the front and the little pockets (I think these are the smooth sailing ones) but I also just love our hexagon skirt. It looks so feminine but fun too!

    • Silly me, though. I just jumped in and started doing it without considering how long it would take, etc etc. I estimated two days tops, based on my times drafting/sending pants blocks and BCT… But making something nice for sale is way different!

      Yes, the Strawberry Alarm Clock pants are made mostly from the Smooth Sailing pattern.

  2. Oh! Me, please! I’ve loved this fabric since you first mentioned it! and I would love to see a pants pattern from you like your strawberry alarm (uber-movable) pants. But I know that would be a lot of work. and you deserve a big break and a nice visit.

  3. That fabric looks lovely. I don’t usually sew modern clothes for myself but I’ve been thinking I should. I don’t have anything in mind but I’d love it if it were a top. Slightly fitted. No zippers (they are hellish to me). A fairly open neck line. (I like the neck line of the black top you are wearing with the fitted grey skirt in the photo to the right of your posts) Something that could be dressed up with nice slacks or dressed down with jeans.

    • I think if I spent twenty minutes with you, you’d no longer have zipper issues. I think a big part of the common hatred of them has to do with poor instructions for insertion. Especially invisible zippers. I see red when I read instructions that tell people to press them first. What? They weren’t designed for that. /end rant…

      What about a blouse that had a whiff of 1912? I think there’s a lot of those styles that would look quite cool with jeans.

      • 1912…that would be awesome! That is about where my love of historic fashions ends. I’m sure you could teach me about zippers and I will have to learn if I get into making modern clothes for myself. I have done zippers but it has been years and the memory of the process involved sailor like language and a stiff drink after it was done! One of the biggest issues was not having a zipper foot. I have one now but only because I believe the dreamstress uses one for cording.
        I meant to post a link about your contest yesturday but forgot in my excitement at actually starting and finishing my bloomers in one day! Today I’ll do it.

  4. Oh that merino looks heavenly. Congrats on tackling the pdf pattern project! I’ll definitely try it. For your next pattern, after a nice break of course, I would love to see your Weskit or the 40s keyhole top.

    • OoooOOooH… I was planning to make another weskit soon anyway (chilly weather approaches!) and it would be a nice smallish project… Though sizing might be a pain. Hmmm. Thanks for the thought! It’s stuck in my brain now. :)

  5. Wow, what beautiful fabric! And I’ll have to check out the craftsy link to see the pattern. I am very into culottes lately. I have a feeling they’re going to make a great resurgence so I suggest that for your next pattern :-)

    • I made some gauchos a while back and really hated them. It might have been the fabric, I don’t know but I HATE them and it will take a while for me to hop back on that horse to ride. :) Though Pepin does have an enchanting circular culottes draft I might try at some point.

    • I’m a wovens fan myself, but I’ll probably be doing much more with knits in the future… The monthly “hacks” of the BCT if nothing else… I suppose I could digitize them and make them into patterns. But I would have to charge for that… Hmm..

  6. Wow…well pants are my “holy grail” right now. Your strawberry alarm pants would be my vote, but I agree on the taking a break part. Thanks for the giveaway – merino wool is impossible to get where I am.

  7. That pattern is amazing. I love it! I can’t think of something to recommend for you to make — none of my ideas seem as interesting as the ones you come up with!

  8. What a generous offer! Next pattern could be a loose wrap using the same sort of styling like a companion piece aka twin set. But for now relax and wait for the compliments!

  9. Congratulations on your accomplishment! As for a next pattern, dare I suggest a little vintage inspired jacket? (After a well-earned break of course). The NZ merino looks just beautiful too.

  10. Oh how pretty! How about a separate piece to go with the top? A skirt rather than pants or shorts, I think!

  11. Congratulations on finishing it, and how generous of you to do a giveaway! I would like to see something cut on the bias for extra drapiness and slinkiness, a la Madame Vionnet. Skirt, dress, top, whatever, but I just haven’t been able to find many bias-cut patterns that I like, and I’m curious about them.

    • Now there’s an idea. I haven’t played with Vionnet’s ideas in a loooong time and it’d be nice to revisit her…

      Way to spark my imagination!

  12. Congratulations on finishing your kimono top pattern for sale. My version downloaded just fine with instructions. I can see this working in the longer sleeve length with a blank canvas tee for a twin set look. More patterns? Bateau neck tops for knits or woven fabrics. Maybe on the bias? I can’t get the lines quite right and I’m sure there must be a magic formula!
    Well done on the launch of your pattern and enjoy a week of fun, relaxation and visitors.

    • Thanks for that.

      The next hack will have something of a bateau, I might do a post on it but honestly I’m probably too lazy to make a whole pattern for sale just for a neckline.. It’s really not hard to do well on your own t-shirt pattern once you figure out how to make sure it doesn’t show your bra… ;) I can get on that later this week I think. Thanks!

  13. Beautiful fabric! I’d like to see a pattern for a 50s-style dress. I’m always looking for silhouettes that emphasize my curves!

  14. I’ve been thinking about what I wear most often, rather than what I like to make! A basic long sleeved knit shirt, because I’m very often cold. I wear lots of jeans, but would like to vary the types of pants I can wear. A basic knit skirt would be very handy, as would a knit dress. Much as I enjoy making wovens, I actually don’t iron often; so wash and wear styles work well. Anything you do will be recieved with interest, though!! I really need to say thanks for the BCT, as I have 3 now!

  15. Your work is always amazing! It would be really cool to see a pattern like your terra incognito dress.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve been wearing Terra to rags because I love it and I thought it would help me come up with ways to improve the pattern and the instructions… That will probably be the first dress I put up.. Probably. :)

  16. I’m such a huge fan of merino wool… so soft and strong. I’m fairly new to reading your blog, but I like the idea of a twin-set, or something with a simple design with a visual feature to take it from simple to special. But yes, I think you deserve a bit of a break for the now!

  17. Oh, pick me, please! Firstly- congratulations on getting your pattern done and up on Craftsy! I’m going to be all over it like my dogs on kibble on payday. Secondly, there are a couple of things I would love to see next: wrap dress, some epic flattering 50s shorts or a lovely skirt to go with this… I’m in decisive… I think… :)

  18. Lovely pattern and yummy fabric. As for what’s next I need more wardrobe separates… pants, skirt, shirts, etc. that can be mixed and matched

    • If I could package a wardrobe of pretty, simple and versatile patterns along with color schemes that apply to a variety of physical coloring types, I would. It’s kind of a big ask, but I’m working on it. :)

  19. I love merino, and I am always looking for more blouses and tops, so i’m trying to collect more of those!

  20. Well done on the new pattern! And the fabric looks just divine! For the next pattern I’d love to see a skirt to go with the kimono wrap top, perhaps like the lovely flowy one you have made previously.

    • There’s the draft, but I could see how it might be intimidating… And there’s not any intensive construction notes. I could put together a prettier pdf of how to make and sew the skirt, but if I made a paper pattern it would take you longer to print out the pieces and assemble them than it would to get a big piece of paper/muslin and fold it and cut it the way I describe. It’s really very very simple to make…

      But I do think having nicer instructions might make it simpler… I’ll sleep on it and let y’all know.

  21. Oh what about a vintage wrap pattern or a bustle skirt or a wrap dress??? Full of ideas because I don’t have to do the HARD work. Great job and thanks for making it available to us all. Thanks for the opportunity to win! That merino looks stunning.

    • Those are interesting ideas, but to make a pattern available for sale (in my current working from home situation) I have to make something I want at least two or three versions of, and I usually end up with more than that… And my frugal soul demands it be something I’d actually like to have two or three of. I might think about a wrap dress, based on the wrap top…

  22. the merino wool looks absolutely gorgeous!

    as for a pattern, well, I rarely see skirt patterns that I actually want to buy and not just draft for myself…

  23. I really do love simple cuts and small yardage projects. Love the wrap! Maybe a blouse? I am drooling over the Merino, though.

  24. Ooo, pick me pick me! What a lovely looking fabric. Love the colour!

    Personally, I’d love to see more alteration options for your t-shirt pattern. Maybe different sleeve options or something. I love seeing how one pattern can be altered in different ways. It’s a cool way to learn how to get the type of details and looks you want in a pattern.

    • Well, the monthly hack is a slow process and I really can only fit in one a month. I could do a post about changing the necklines and sleeve lengths one of these months? I figure that’s the kind of thing that someone will pick up as I’m teaching the more involved “hacks.” But maybe not.

  25. congrats on the pattern! it’s nice to see some non-kid related patterns on Craftsty. and thanks for the giveaway! i think you should make more tops because, personally, that’s what I like to make most :)

  26. Hooray! Love the fabric, and the colour! I’d love to see directions on how to make your octagonal skirt – short or long. :)

  27. I love, love this top!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to construct it for ages. And the fabric is fabulous too. I’d love a pattern for a basic batwing flowy top. Thanks for the giveaway1

  28. I’d love to see a pattern for your Weskit, it’s so flattering and would look great in red wool. Also a simple top suitable for wearing under waistcoats , slightly fitted without too many closures that would look strange under the waistcoat also a fun collar or sleeve to add interest.

  29. Thanks for setting up this giveaway- the pattern I would love to see next is a simple knit top (simple but different -like your typical style) with maybe an elegant neckline detail. Nothing too elaborate-something that could be worn to work or out in the evening (depending on the fabric).
    I’m participating in the sew grateful challenge too, I’m giving away a Knipmode mag.

  30. I’m so delighted that you’ve been included in Deb’s roundups! I am looking forward to following your blog.

    I’m grateful for the giveaway, which is so very generous! I was too late for Sew Grateful week (got sick), but I’ll be doing my first giveaway soon too, for my brand new (newbie) sewing blog!

    Thank you again

  31. Looks gorgeous, that fabric is amazing and the pattern too. Do you have any advice on tutorials etc. for creating pattern PDFs?

    • I’m sorry Sigrid, I sort of just made it up as I went along. Tanit-Isis did a few graphics for me, and Amy from Cloth Habit is helping me with a few kinks, but I just drew the final copy of the pattern by hand, chopped it up into page size pieces using a template, scanned each piece, then drew lines over it in Gimp and added text… There has to be a simpler way but that’s what I did…

  32. Congratulations on the new pattern. That fabric is just the most beautiful colour. Go rest…enjoy the time with your friend.

  33. I’m a touch jealous of your knowledge base and how dedicated you are to translating it into a little business! I’m also very grateful that you set affordable prices. Thank you for that!

    • All of those things are important to me… Sharing knowledge and not charging huge prices… “Dedicated” might also mean “slightly obsessively insane” but it’s all the same in the end, right? ;)

      I really admire your work, Tina.

  34. Congratulations on the pattern, I really like the top!! Hmmm, what is the item of clothing called that looks like a skirt but are actually shorts?? I’m loving those at the moment (great for a windy day!!), Maybe you should try designing a pettern for them?? ;)

  35. I wish for more patterns that reflect RTW. From the sewing details to the design details.
    I love that color blue – thanks for the giveaway.

  36. The pattern looks wonderful and so does the fabric – I haven’t sewn with merino before.

    At the thought of a pattern suggestion, about a thousand pattern images raced through my mind. So that’s not helpful. But I think you should aim for something from the era you love. You’ll probably enjoy the process more if the pattern is very “you”.

  37. I don’t think it would be fair if I won the fabric and pattern, and I’m overwhelmed with all the things I want you to pattern up! (The Kiss Ride blouse may be top of the list), but I still wanted to drop by and say how fabulous the whole idea is!

    • TKRB is on its way to you soon anyway (I’m sorry, I’m hopeless about post offices. It’s disgusting and intolerable.)

      Thank you! :)

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  39. Boy I hope you have slept and relaxed and not done work for a day or two. Congrats on getting the kimono pattern done and ready – its on my list and has been since I saw the one you made.

    I’m really keen to be in the giveaway please – thank you for doing it. One pattern I would love to see would be the bow T you were thinking about in an earlier post. I love Ts, and wear too many of them I reckon. That’s just me though.


    • Thanks! :) :) I had to quit working on stuff for a few days, my husband REALLY missed me but I can’t stop fidgeting for long…

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  41. I love your top and am glad Debi linked it in her sew grateful week. I am glad I found your blog. I am just a beginner as far a sewing so I would like to see an easy blouse/skirt pattern because I am still needing basics)

  42. I’d love to see some kind of t-shirt shell, with different (modular?) cowl-front variations for different bust sizes. A cowl front that looks great on a woman of more generous proportions does not always flatter the, er, flatter amongst us. :)

    It seems like fit is the thing that sets you apart from others as a sewer–perhaps that can be true as a pattern-maker as well.

  43. So excited to find your site – I came over via Calico Stretch and I love what I see. The fabric is stunning, we just don´t get anything like that here in Andalucia. And as for what you do next….well, I´m just excited to go back and see what I´ve missed so will leave that to you :)

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  46. Hi steph, just wanted to drop by and say well done! on being number 11 most popular paid sewing pattern on Crafty!!! that is so amazing, but of course well deserved for all your hard work and talent :-)

  47. Congratulations on your new pattern. It is really lovely. I just found your blog through the Sew Grateful posts and have been catching up on all that I have missed. A pattern that I would love to see is a lounging/pyjama set…maybe something a little more fancy than what you would wear to bed? Looking forward to future posts.

  48. What lovely merino material. I’d love to win it and make it into the Kimono wrap top – nice pattern btw.
    I’d like to see you draught a pick pocket proof travel shoulder bag that doesn’t look overly craftsy. Oh and I love the photo of your two loves. What a precious thing you have there.

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  50. That fabric is gorgeous!
    I’d love a pattern for the weskit vest you made last year or the strawberry pants you made recently – they are both exactly what I’ve been looking for and haven’t been able to find!

  51. Lovely pattern and a gorgeous merino.please let your next pattern be a vintage swimsuit but not to vintage.The sundress should have your modern twist.

  52. OK, how about that corduroy pinafore? I have to disappoint you on the buying front, though – I don’t have PayPal… Just wanted to add my two cents of what I like from you. :-)

  53. Hi Steph,

    I love the enthusiasm and dedication you have for projects you take on!

    My suggestion for ‘what next’ would be to build on this pattern you’ve already made. Perhaps a dress? I don’t think I’ve ever made a knit dress – I wouldn’t know how to predict how much the skirt would drag the bodice down, if certain seams would need strenghtening etc so having a pattern of yours to follow would be grand!



  54. I’d love to win the pattern and merino. They are both gorgeous! Even if I don’t win, I’ll definitely be buying a copy. It’s a gorgeous pattern, and with a cropped cami underneath, totally breastfeeding compatible – which is important to me since I’m having a baby any day now! :)

    As for another pattern I would love to see – definitely a cowl-front shirt as a poster above stated or even a vintage-inspired sundress with an octagonal skirt?

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  56. the pattern and fabric – awesome! I can’t wait to try this out, even if I , sigh, don’t win. I think it would be great to have a skirt to go with this top.

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