Finished Object: Advance 7701

(Since these are at home clothes, we took photos while pottering around the house.)

Handmade Jane kindly lent me this pattern (which should be on its way back home now, thank you!) after I became obsessed with finding a 1950’s wrap blouse pattern.

I had to know if it would work for knits- specifically, if it would work with some delicious Merino Leimomi brought me.  I traced and cut it unaltered except the grainline and sleeve length.  I shifted the pattern piece around until the stripes ran nicely along the shoulder line, which created a chevron effect at the back seam.  I used a medium weight cotton knit.

I decided not to stay tape the edges of the shirt (laziness research…) and followed the pattern almost to the letter.  I left off the back darts, next time I will leave out the front darts.  The pattern has a set of shoulder darts starting at the neck and extending into the sleeve, which gently shapes the garment.  I left those.

The lower back edge of the shirt tucks into my pants, about 2″.  It’s a clever way to keep my muffins from showing when I bend and move.  Win.  I’m wearing my Jean Ross pants, they’re the last pair I made before I learned to fit pants properly.

I wish I had a top like this when I was a new mother!  It’s slouchy and comfortable but has a little style to it, not to mention nursing access. The fabric reminds me of pajamas.  I can’t convince myself otherwise so this lives in my “mommy” clothes category.  I don’t wear regular t-shirts, but I do like working with easy care fabrics.

Stephen went out to monitor lungfish again today and brought home more yabbies.  This time, I quit being a wuss and held one myself. It’s like holding a rock.

A rock that flicks its tail at you just when you let your guard down.  I’m not entirely convinced they don’t spit poison darts or have lasers attached to their heads, despite my husband’s assurances otherwise.  The blue yabbies are definitely winning the Lobster Dress race right now.

This is a very wearable muslin and gave me ideas for how to make it in merino.  Not now while Brisbane’s both roasting and steaming, the merino will wait for “Autumn.”  Perhaps around Easter I’ll revisit this pattern…

Kimbersew asked what the yabbies look like after cooking.  Here’s a mess of boiled ones:

Next: Making Street-Art Stencil T-Shirts.  That may take a few days over the weekend.  :)


  1. Cute! I can’t wait to see it in the merino – the stripes will be perfect for it! I’d also love to see it in a non-knit fabric if that is possible (just while we are making requests of each other and all) ;-)

    Great timing too – I’ve been asked about vintage styles for nursing mothers, so I’ve pinned it to a board on that topic. (That’s my subtle PSA that my ‘nursing friendly vintage fashion’ board isn’t for me!)

    • A non-knit? I could do that probably… I have some hideously BLUE cotton voile, it went too blue when I dyed it… Hmmm…

      Most of my friends have little babies right now, so I have half a new-mommy brain myself…

  2. Oooh it works! Definitely looks lovely in a knit fabric, I’m afraid I’m going to have to shamelessly copy you – I’ve got a blue wool mix in my stash which would be perfect. I think I prefer the shorter length sleeve too. So pleased you were able to indulge your obsession! x

  3. Yeah, this is awesome. I wish I had some tops like this when I had babies… well, frankly any time really. Can’t wait to see it made up in the merino!

    If you make a yabbie dress, you will have officially assimilated!

  4. Great top. It’s really flattering to a fuller bust. Sometimes it’s hard to know if they will end up folding in the wrong spots or the cross being too log. It’s really nice.

  5. Very nice and it will be lovely too in the merino. I really think it can come out of the mummy clothes section of your wardrobe from time to time too :o) Everyone needs their slouchy T for occasional trips to the store / garden shop / whatever.

  6. This top is so awesome! I love a good wrap top. I have a pattern for one that I have been meaning to make for ages but haven’t gotten around to it. It would work great with my gathered skirts.

  7. Lovely top and I love the idea of being to tuck the back in. I will be borrowing that ;)
    BTW to me the whole outfit looks more genuinely & flatteringly vintage than many dresses I see in blogland. You look fab.

    • Thank you. :) That really means a lot to me, I try very hard to make “wearable vintage” so it’s good to know I hit the mark sometimes. :)

  8. And this (yes, I’m slowly, slowly catching up on reading) looks great, too! Comfy and stylish. Although I know the pj-feeling can be hard to shake. I certainly wouldn’t blink if I saw someone wearing it out and about, though… :)

    Yay to Handmade Jane for generously sharing. :)

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