What’s Better Than Lobster Silk for Christmas?

The Lobster Silk is still a work in progress, which means I don’t have any fabulous lobster paintings to show you just yet.  The main idea behind my Lobster Dress (at least to my view) was coaxing my husband into working with his hands again after an intense time writing his dissertation.

That and I want a Lobster Dress.

He made this for me over the holidays.  It’s Australian red cedar, reclaimed from a bookcase.  He beveled the edges and sanded them carefully by hand, cut the dowels and sanded them as well.  No splinters or rough patches for me.  Then he stained it, sanded it lightly and repeated the process.  It’s as smooth as (lobster) silk.

I spent years looking for something to help organize my threads.  That’s what happens when you’re a picky shopper- often you go home empty-handed.  I simply couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a gross plastic.  Not even a nice plastic one to be found.  Every so often, I dropped a hint about wanting a wall-mountable wooden one.

Not nagging, mind you.  A hint.  Specific hints.

I’m ridiculously pleased by this gift, I had no idea he was working away on it for several days.  He even burned my “name” into the board.   Though no lobster silk rustles in my sewing room right now (it would most probably sit around for a few weeks anyway), I got three things I wanted for Christmas- Stephen working with his hands, a beautiful wooden thread organizer, and a vote of confidence from the person whose opinion matters most to me.

Thank you, Sweetheart!

(I’ve been taking a break over the holidays, but I’m back now and full of ideas and plans for the New Year! So much bean-spilling to do…)


  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. You will treasure it and use it every day and in 40 or so years time your daughter will be using it in her sewing room and remembering this time.

  2. What an awesome gift! I so want something like this. I too have looked at horrible plastic thread organisers (and so expensive for what they are!) and come home empty-handed. Now your threads can be wall-art.

  3. Oh wow, what a thoughtful gift! Think you could talk him into making another one with “Sewing on Pins” at the bottom??! :D

    My thread is all tossed into a zip lock bag, chilling in a basket on a shelf. Handily out of the way and contained, but a pain in the rear to dig through.

    Happy Christmas and New Years!

  4. That is lovely! And isn’t it wonderful to have someone who just “gets” you? My boy got me the Colette sewing book, a new cutting board, and some fabric marking tools… not because I asked for them but because he knew I needed/wanted them! He so “gets” me just like your devine hubby so gets you!

  5. Oh he is a lovely lovely man and you have no excuse but to sort out that thread! Um, I won’t show you mine and I don’t have as many spools but i think they’re in worse order, ahem, than yours (sorry but its true!).

    Enjoy the lobster in whatever form it takes!!

  6. Very nice! How sweet it is when someone listens and you get a desired, hand made gift. That you get to use and look at it everyday is a bonus; along with silently thanking him every time you reach for a spool of (nicely organized) thread.
    My sewing thread lives on the wall on wooden June Tailor racks – it makes it so easy to quickly choose the perfect color.

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