A Christmas Pattern Miracle!

…Allow me a little hyperbole, I’m ridiculously pleased with a packet that turned up in my letterbox (mailbox? postbox?  Which one is American?) the other day.  I saw this sexy-yet-ladylike blouse on Handmade Jane’s blog and- well- love at first sight is no myth.  I posted about my frustration over the hours spent fruitlessly combing the internets for this or a similar pattern.

Eventually, I gave up the search like a reasonable adult.  I could wait and see if it turned up somewhere in a few months (vintage patterns often do) or I’d get around to trying to drape it as per your excellent advice in the comments section.

Then Jane sent me an email offering to let me borrow her Advance 7701!  I think that’s really special, that’s the kind of sewing cameraderie one would expect from a neighbor down the street.  From a fellow sewing blogger and vintage pattern addict on the other end of the world- well.  I’m really touched. Thank you, Jane.

I’m petrified, terrified something will happen to it.  When I have a little time on Christmas, I’m copying her and sending Advance 7701 straight back whence she came.

I have this old silver (I think) clasp, rescued from an antique store.  I’ll muslin the pattern first, tweak if necessary, then make it up in this teal merino with the clasp.  We still have to get through mid-summer, but I’ll be wearing my snuggly wrap-cardi-blouse in no time.

Check out Jane’s recent post about her favorite wardrobe pieces, a la Colette sewing book.  Since I’m new to reading her blog it’s a great way to get to know her style.  (Let’s be honest… If I were a cat burglar, I’d be sorely tempted by those sailor pants… ;))


  1. I read Jane’s blog in re: the advice on restyling via the Collette sewing book. Sound reasoning…. :) I’ve been working with an online bulletin board to do much the same thing and noticed a major re-routing in my style. There’s a big difference in what I think looks cute and practical and the stuff that feels like “me” and makes my heart happy. Definitely a re-direct when I start sewing for myself again in the new year.

  2. Wow you wonderfully lucky lady and it is a gorgeous cardi-blouse! I wish I had the, um, cleavage to pull off a shape like this, but I don’t so I will continue to live vicariously through the blogs of those who do and wear what they sew!

    Have a fab festive season with much sewing (fingers crossed).

    • Well… I think it could suit a wide range of figures… The pleating would lend the illusion of… bulk… in that area, and create a nice waisted shape… ;)

      I can’t sew! My machine finally stopped working, it’s rather overdue for a service so I was asking for it. Not too worried about it though. ;)

  3. Aw, I’m so pleased my pattern got such a positive reaction. I want to make one in Merino wool now though! I’ll be watching your progress with interest. Have a wonderful Christmas. x

  4. I love that silver clasp. The picture at the top of your blog makes me a little weepy and homesick. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

    • Awwww… Weepy in a good way, I hope? I tried to capture the mango orchard that the flame tree and the house are surrounded by, but I couldn’t quite get it right.. It’s like a little piece of paradise. :)

      But remember the flies… And the heat… ;)

  5. Oh Yay for blog generosity! I must admit that when you posted about wanting that pattern the very first thing I did is run and see if it was in my stash, but it looks like my grandmothers’ tastes ran to dresses, so no luck on helping you out. I’m so glad you got it!

    Don’t make it up yet or you’ll have a dreadfully long hot summer – that’s the way it goes.

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