Finished Object: Birds on the Wires Tee


Here’s my finished Birds on the Wires Tee.  We played with color and perspective a little bit, before settling on some inside shots.

This is the basic t-shirt I am offering as a free pattern.  It comes in two “types” of sizes: V and II.  A “V” size has a difference of 8″ (20cm) or more between the waist and bust measurements.  A “II” has a difference of 8″ (20cm) or less between the bust and waist.

This pattern is intended for a nice medium weight knit, like the Birds on the Wires print I made for Spoonflower.  I hadn’t looked at their fabrics for years; they now offer a rather nice variety of apparel fabrics.  This is the organic cotton knit- very yummy.

However, I think this pattern will work for a variety of fabrics- I’d love to see the variations possible.  I’m not much of a t-shirt wearer myself, but I do have an active and generally casual lifestyle.  For some reason, I find that my beloved “button-down” shirts read as “dressy” even when I don’t feel dressy.  This is one attempt to bridge that gap.

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    • Thanks… You’re too kind! I have a thing about horizontal stripes… I don’t know where the hysteria came from about not wearing them, but it’s ubiquitous and… well…. why?

      I’m fond of stripes of all kinds, anyway… And figure we should wear what we like.

  1. Oooh, yay! Bouncing with excitement, here. All I want for Christmas is a day to sew this up…

    okay, so there’s a few other things I want. /sigh.

    looks good! :D

  2. I adore this shirt! :) Can’t wait to make this shirt up! Thanks for explaining the “II” and “V”. I had been wondering what that was for.

  3. Thank you Stephanie! Not that I needed any more “to sew” projects on my list… but this definitely polevaulted up there.

    Like you, I wear “cute tshirts” 90% of the time (hello, housewife and mommy jobs need easy-care). Now you’re going to make me sew them instead of cheaping out and getting them from Penney’s. ROFL. :)

    But seriously. Thank you.

  4. It looks great. I will be having a go at this top. I love a t-shirt myself but am trying to expand my repertoire. I have tried to sew knit fabrics and fail at the hems. Hopefully following your instructions will help me along. I also love your red pants.

    • Thanks… It’s a reverse victory roll and a sort of “pageboy” thing.. I’m dying for my hair to get a little longer, I miss beehives and proper pageboys… ;)

  5. Yep I agree with everyone else, the fabric is great. Love the stripes and T. Though I have rather less interesting fabric in the cupboard I’ll give it a whirl because its not possible to have too many tops like this in summer….. Maybe it will rain a bit more here over Christmas so I can have an excuse not to neglect the sewing room too much…… :o)

  6. It looks so lovely! I really like the shorter length. It will work really well with full skirts, as I generally do not tuck my tops in.

  7. I made one which was TOO SMALL and then I got a little carried away and made another that was TOO LARGE (because, you know, there is a panic that sets in when something is too small). Hopefully the next one will be just right, because I have some sequined fabric that I am hoping to make into this top and wear tomorrow night.
    (Nothing like last minute inspiration!)
    Oh, and I have been taking photos and will post my process and changes on my blog.

    • Oh! Which size? Is it the 35II? I think it’s a little snug… May need a tweak! Hope it works out with the sequined fabric, I’d love to see it…

      This is your blog, right: I don’t see the posts, but it’s great to have you “back.” I sort of dropped off the face of the earth for a while, too.

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