New Local Fabric Shop and What Came Home with Me

Meet Ky and Cloud, the personalities behind Voodoo Rabbit.  I’ll be honest, I’m usually unimpressed by labels like “edgy” or “rockabilly”– even “vintage” generally fails to interest me unless something is demonstrably ancient.   I had heard all those words applied to Voodoo Rabbit, so I was shocked when I walked in and wanted one of almost everything in their little shop.

Cloud and I fell to talking a blue streak.  She and Ky were so much fun that my friend Em and I ended up staying longer than the usual visit to a fabric shop.  Cloud even made me some coffee to fuel our crafty-shop-talking.  They source their fabrics from all over the world, American and European designers but also a fair amount of Japanese designs.  This shop began as an etsy store, a place where crafters with a similar sense of humor could pick up unique fabrics at a decent price.

I saw this and knew it should be an Ice Cream Social dress for my little girl.  The dress will show off the fabric, and the dress design is a favorite with Lila.  (She was over the moon when she saw fabric covered in pandas, cupcakes and American flags.)

This will make another Ice Cream Dress for my shortie.  I love the pairing, they’re from different fabric ranges but go together so well!

The colors in this sing to me.  It’s by Japanese designer Leicien; Cloud told me the design and color come from 1930’s Japanese fabrics.  That’s a lot different from the floral “feed-sack” look normally associated with 1930’s fabric.  It will be a blouse.

And finally, I found two perfect shank buttons for my 1930’s suit jacket!  I definitely bonded with the Voodoo Rabbit ladies over metal shank buttons.

The takeaway: This shop has a refreshingly varied range of designs, high-quality at what I’d consider very reasonable prices- at least for Brisbane.  They also carry Australian-designed toy and children’s clothing patterns, and fun stuff like counter-culture embroidery transfers.  And Ky and Cloud know their fabrics and designers.

Best of all- they’re looking to begin hosting stitch n’ bitch sessions in the new year!  Since I am adept at both stitching and bitching, I look forward to those sessions…  In the meantime, I might just drop by for another chat with Cloud and cup of coffee.


  1. Aw man, wish I could go there! Actually no I don’t. I just pulled out all my fabric to finally organize and put away properly, and I have waaaaay too much.



    Seriously, that panda fabric is too cute for words and will be an awesome dress for your too-cute-for-words sprog. :D

    • Awww… I’m pretty fond of the sprog, too.

      It’s mostly quilting fabric, but there’s quilting fabric and quilting fabric if you know what I mean. This is the good stuff.

  2. It’s always nice to see a new business selling fabrics, and I hope they do well – nice to see you are supporting them with some lovely fabric purchases!

  3. Have I mentioned the only fabric store in Hobart is Spotlight? Not what I expected from a move to the city. Even in Mullumbimby I had a halfway decent fabric store! I am very jealous.

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