Meetup with The Dreamstress and Mr. Dreamy

Friends, this week I met a real Lady.  Leimomi, The Dreamstress, came to Queensland despite her “Aussaphobia.”  I had grand plans of dragging her into my Crowd-Sourced T-shirt project, perhaps branching out into a simple pants draft.  The more people I practice on, the better the drafting, right?

When the Dreamstress (with Mr. Dreamy in tow) arrived at my little house, I was instantly both star-struck and disarmed.  I didn’t know what to do with myself! I’m usually not the most social person in the world, tending to keep my home private.  Yet Leimomi came right on in and we chatted like old compatriots.  While I made lunch, she unpacked their leftover “vacation groceries.”  I don’t let just anyone in my fridge!

We never got around to drafting.  We spent most of the beastly hot, bright afternoon hand-stitching and chatting, before heading out to poke around in a local fabric store.

That evening and the next day we relaxed at my in-laws’ farm down the coast.  My husband took us on a brisk hike through field and bush, we swam, pored over 1940’s Better Home and Gardens magazine (more on those soon), laughed, lunched and all of a sudden it was time for them to go home to Wellington!  No!  Not yet!  I just got over being awkward and tongue-tied!

I believe I will be visiting Wellington in the very, very near future.

(Mr. D, Mrs. D, Mrs. C, Mr. C)

These shots were taken by Lila, hence their semi-candid quality.  After the swim I fell into the quietly relaxed hum of a tropical farm in early summer and couldn’t be bothered completely changing out of my swimwear.

This is the first time I met up with a fellow blogger; I feel I met two old friends.  Thank you for coming to visit, Mr. and Mrs. D, I know we’ll see more of each other very soon.

A special “thank you” for the gift of New Zealand merino.  I’m already planning the perfect design to complement such pretty fabric.


  1. Thank you for having us! I had the most wonderful time meeting you, and can’t believe you were ‘star-struck’. If anyone was it should have been me!

    And please, please come to Wellington soon!

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