Finished Object: Ambivalent Guachos

The Chef-inspired gauchos are finished!  I’ve worn them a few times since completion, they may be growing on me.

I’m experimenting with “casual” clothes lately- most of my other sewing involves “work” clothes.  I need more running errands/barbeque/going to the library/meeting up with friends type clothes, but want to stay true to my personal style.

I’m not the biggest fan of these for a few reasons.  For one, they’re already starting to pill on the inner thigh.  I’ve only worn them twice… For another, I cut the original pants too short, so added a bias border to make up the length.

The border seems to affect the way the pants drape. I’m not used to handling polyester, it didn’t behave quite the way I expected.

At least the back fits ok.

I finished the inside waistband and the bottom of the zip with contrast red binding.

The two buttons stitched at the lower edge of the pocket “finishes” it well.  In my next version of these pants, I’ll add buttonholes.

I consider this a useful (for now) garment, and it showed me a few ways to improve the original design.  I probably won’t sew this again for some time (too many other projects), but I do feel I’ve worked out the kinks in the design.

Up next- the sparkly skirt… I decided not to use the mirror trim, but I will use the shisha mirrors.  I’m also work on a pleated waistband.


  1. Steph you are a a blogging machine! I am loving this! I’m so chuffed you have organised your life to be able to blog more regularly, just for me hehehehe.
    Seriously, I think these are cute as. Polyester is de pits for pilling but I can see these in a nice hemp or linen, can’t you?

  2. I’m so glad you like them, MrsC. (Every time I write that I think, I’m MrsC, too..) I can totally see it in a nice hemp or linen, whether it will be late this summer or next summer remains to be seen.

    I have about a month left before my self-imposed wardrobe deadline. We’ll see how far we get, but I have an entire free weekend coming up. That means PILES of sewing I can clear off my “list…”

  3. Steph I like them! They are the style of pants I like and the ones I try to sneak to work in when it is terribly hot and I know there is a day of hot ovens and steaming saucepans to deal with. Most of my pants this lenght have a cuff or a really wide hem allowance, so your bias band doesn’t look completely out of place to me. Polyester on the other hand can be nasty to work with. Like MrsC said I can see them in hemp or linen too. I also wonder how they would sit in tencel. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create over the weekend!

  4. I like the general look too and the red details are extra nice. I’m with the other commenters; revisit this in another fabric before you discard the idea.

  5. What a pity about the cuffs—they do seem to do something to the drape, although it’s not awful. Tyo was all about gauchos for a while, they looked really good on her, but lately she’s moved on to the skinny jean, sigh.

    My white jacket from the RTW sewalong last spring (your autumn) is pilling like crazy—what I get for using mystery thrift store fabric. But it’s still my favourite jacket, so I’m dealing… so far. It sucks, though.

    I can definitely see you re-making these in a hemp or linen, though, and loving them to pieces…

  6. Steph, These are great for running around. I like the look on you, and love the fact that you used a check. Very pretty. I can see these in a variety of fabrics, even a travel fabric like stretchy lycra.

  7. So cute! I can see what you mean about the cuff draping oddly in one picture but not in the others so I can’t imagine it’s all that noticable to the general public. I like the cuff itself.

  8. I like these. They remind me of the wide-leg capris I made this summer, which are quirky yet likeable (in my opinion anyway). I wonder how actual cuffs (narrower than the pant leg) would look. As far as how they hang, I don’t think it’s bad – more of an unexpected detail.

    Houndstooth is so fun, too. Too bad the fabric wasn’t great. I have some cotton houndstooth I might make into cigarette pants.

  9. Oh, I like the gauchos! Too bad the fabric isn’t holding up, but so nice you’ve worked out the details if you decide to make another pair in the future. Love the button detail!

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