How To: Drafting Notes for the Gauchos (And An Occupy Our Needles Update)

I found another great picture:

Lose the weird pose, maybe the fascinator, and that’s really not a bad outfit.  Perfectly wearable.

To be sure, these might not turn out the way I see them in my head.   Then again, they might.  My drafting skills need refinement- I’m mostly self-taught.  I welcome constructive criticism of my work.

(edited to add: I can’t seem to get the gallery to ONLY show the drafting.  I’m sorry it’s a little messy, I may separate this into two separate posts…)

Last night several friends of mine dropped by the house for a Occupy Our Needles “Knit-Together.”  We had a blast!  Two of my friends learned to crochet, and the rest of us kept our hands busy and our tongues wagging.  We had such a great time sitting around talking together, it will be a standing “night.”

Three hats, two scarflets and a gooooorgeous wool-soy scarf so far!  I have two more hats on the needles:

Both of these patterns are simple, they practically knit themselves in bulky yarn.  I’m using Aaron’s Hat for the waffle-knit hat (very stretchy and thick) and A Tweed Hat for Jason.  This project has already been a great deal of fun.  Claire, I’m dropping them in the mail tomorrow!

If you’re a knitter and you’d like to help, visit my Occupy Our Needles page.  E-mail me and I’ll send you the shipping address in New York.  I’d really like to do blanket square drive in the next month or so.  Would anyone find that interesting?


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