Finished Object: Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

Quilted, Finished, Ready for the Baby

I completed this play-quilt for a friend’s new baby last week using Amy Butler’s free Window to the Soul quilt pattern.  I opted to use fewer border fabrics, because the finished quilt as written is nearly bed size.

The quilting was far from perfect, but it feels strong and tough.  I backed it with some co-ordinating yellow fabric- not my first choice, but it was to hand already and will work well for a floor quilt.  I chalked a grid guide to quilt the center, and quilted parallel and intersecting lines on the different sections of the quilt.  All in all, it was a charming, relatively easy and satisfying project.

I made a gallery tutorial on how to square off fabric, which you can find here.

The Revolutionary Road dress is nearly finished, just a little tweaking and she’s ready to wear!  I’ll need advice about styling and accessories…

Also, if you live in Brisbane and you’d like to come to a knit-together email me.  A few people I know are planning to get together on Wednesday night to watch Meet John Doe and knit/crochet together.  I’m knitting for Occupy Our Needles, but you can work on whatever you’d like.


  1. It’s a lovely little quilt, which I am sure will be cherished. Quilts are my favourite baby present to make, but I must admit the materials/fabric is getting pretty spendy!

  2. I am happy that you settled your blog here … I had trouble getting into your old blog, now I can come to browse and comment here. I link this to my sidebar now, thanks!

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