Giveaway and Giving In

I’m pleased to finally get around to choosing the Moving Time Giveaway winners.  Thanks so much for all your suggestions and for taking the time to post (and tweet)!  I’m working on quite a few new tutorials based on what everyone asked for.  Winners were chosen at random.

The winner of the 1930’s Answer To the Snuggie pattern is Amy from Cloth Habit.  Keep warm, Amy.

The smart 1930’s Dress, Zemelda, goes to Angela at RiAnge Creations.  Love that style, can’t wait to see your version of this classic!

And finally, a nice new version of The Fashion File by Janie Bryant, along with a cluster of red Dior Roses goes out to Leila B, at Three Dresses Project.  I think what she’s doing is fantastic!

Ladies, please email me your addresses so I can send you some goodies.

I have several other giveaways planned for the near future…

Shoe people, this is the end of the post.  Look away.  Go check out one of the awesome blogs I linked to.

I’m not a shoe person. (“That much is obvious,” snorted my husband when I said that while taking pictures.) This is my shoe collection.

The singles have sentimental value and I won’t give them up.

Six of my shoes are tokens, carefully kept in a corner of my closet and never worn.

The blacks are my worn-to-death-for-years-and-cobbler-mended “smart” shoes.  Some of them need another visit to the cobbler and/or a shine.  I love well-made leather shoes- buy once and wear them for years.

The Chuck Taylors still see occasional wear, as do my athletic shoes (not pictured).

All that is to say, I had a shoe hole for summer.  Not just in the side of my shoe where my little toe always wears a thin place, but a purpose-hole.  I need an easy-wear summer shoe, a slip-on I can wear without socks, walk a few kilometers and wear with light colored skirts.  Casual but not ratty.  Pretty but simple and tough.  I like to shop with a clear idea of what I want before I head out.  This means I often come home empty-handed.

I bought a pair of crocs.  I caved.  After years of making fun of crocs wearers (who usually shrug their shoulders and say “They’re comfortable!”). I gave in and bought a pair of crocs.

In my defense- they’re comfortable! 

And not hideous!  Maybe kind of cute, and they feel like I’m walking on clouds.  These harmonize with my Summer 2011 Wardrobe colors, too.

A wise man changes his mind, a foolish man never?

Are you a shoe person?  (I told you to look away!)  What do you look for in a summer casual shoe?  Where do your shoes wear out first?

(Also, does anyone mind if I use my banner to show close-ups of the lovelies I’m working with?  Is it confusing?)


  1. I love shoes and have many(too many DG would say!) pairs, but the ones I have worn most this summer have to be my plimsoles, I have a navy blue pair and a white pair, very comfy for lots of walking, go with everything and they look cute with white socks too! X

  2. I wouldn’t mind being a shoe person, but my poor feet (no heels, no ballerina flats, etc); light wallet; and lack of storage space make it unlikely, lol!

  3. Thank you for the win, I’m a confessed shoe-aholic. My love of shoes is almost as passionate as my love for chocolate (and we know everything tastes better with chocolate). I need a heel-3 inches at least. During the summer I did wear cute gladiator flats. Now we’re in the autumn season and that means, ladylike pumps and booties. I’ll pm you my info.

  4. I’m a pseudo-shoe person. For years, shoe shopping was the only place where I could find trendy things that fit me. It’s the only place on me that’s ‘average’ sized – according to the stores, that is. Although even then my feet are wide, so it limits the styles I can wear. Still, they’re rarely out of size 7’s.

    Of course, I’m a cheapo, so I rarely actually buy shoes, and once I find a pair that I love, I wear them to death.

    I totally didn’t think those were crocs. They’ve come a long way since the big holey clunky things I originally bought years ago. Very cute, and looks like they’ll fit the bill nicely!

    Also, I like that you keep changing your header. The pictures are pretty and keeps us updated on what you’re working on. :)

    • Oh good, that’s what I was aiming for (with the banner)… :)

      Isn’t it awesome that you can sew now, so you can build a blouse or lace or buttons obsession?

  5. I am definitely a shoe person! I only recently bought my first pair of good flats (I find it hard to spend the same amount of money on casual shoes when I can buy dressy ones). My fav summer shoes were recently purchased from Wittner at a half price sale. Tan leather sandals perfect for summer dresses and skirts.

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