Little White Dress Progress

I’m knocking off this dress– today I had a chance to cut!

And I found buttons!  They measure about 1″ in diameter and pick up the cream tones in the fabric.  I’ll keep an eye out for a creamy colored silk for a belt to complete the tonal effect.  In fact, I may find some creamy silk in the course of my sewing room overhaul..

I washed the rayon-cotton slub on a medium warm wash with my white sheets, then line dried.   The fabric came to life- it fluffed up beautifully in the wash.  I can see now that the weave is like a crepe, with some boucle yarns running through it.  It drapes very nicely.

Front bodice view.  The shoulders have 3 buttonholes- the back looks to me like it buttons under the front.

I used a fine, wide strip of interfacing to stabilize the front and back necklines and shoulders.  The sleeve, shoulder and neck facings are cut as one for the front and the back.  I hope this would help distribute the stress on the shoulder-we’ll see.

I’ll use this deflated seersucker as the skirt lining (after a press, of course).  It’s to hand, and I can’t think of another way to use this fabric so a skirt lining it shall be.

Today was my last “official” day of work, though my real last day was Wednesday.  I’m so excited to be able to focus more fully on my designing, sewing, and writing.  From now on, I can post more pretties (and tutorials), more often.


  1. Your workplace’s loss is our gain! The buttons you found are divine! They are really very special while still being subtle. This will be a wonderful dress for someone living in the subtropics. I imagine you can wear it in all the occasions one might reach for a “little black dress.”

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