Amy Butler and the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Two long-standing friends of ours are having a baby.  The four of us lived together in a tiny rental house when Stephen and I were first married.  Their baby shower is this weekend and I wanted to make something nice for them.

Amy Butler’s newish free quilt pattern, Windows to the Soul caught my eye as a pretty but quick project.  I decided to make it without the outer border for a playmat size.

Why bias?  Why bias rectangles?  Why not strips cut on the straight?  It’s not like the rectangles must mold around curves.  Ever notice her patterns are… uhm… wasteful?  Me too. 

Don’t get me started on the “setting triangles.”  I took photos to illustrate how to use a rotary cutter, ruler, mat and MUCH less fabric for this pattern.   I’ll post them later this week…

Lila loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I couldn’t resist these.  The pattern is designed to showcase fabric, I thought this would be bright and happy for a baby (boy or girl?  no one knows!).  I’m sewing it tough; I know the mommy-to-be will use it.  I really enjoy making things people will use.

I thought it would be cute to fussy cut the borders, to minimize chopping through the design on the fabric.

Unfortunately, fussy cutting meant I came up short for the last border strip.  The fabric store opens at 10am tomorrow…

I put together what I could, it felt good to sit in front of my sewing machine again. I’ll quilt it this week and take some rad pictures before the baby shower!

For the record, I used:

  • .4m (1/2 yd will do) of the center fabric
  •  .75m (3/4yd) of the red (for binding, too)
  • .6m (3/4 yd will do) of the multi-colored
  • .8m (7/8yd) of the border, though I should have bought more for fussy cutting.  1m/yd

Thanks for all your support with moving the site.  Don’t forget to enter the Moving Time Giveaway- I’m giving away a Dior-style fabric rose trio, The Fashion File book, and two patterns on Friday.


  1. That is too cute! I love it that you quilt and sew – so many of my crafty friends do one or the other but not both. TVHC is too cute, and in such a colour coded world, it is the perfect gift for the rare mystery gender baby!

  2. Maybe its a regional thing, but it seems to me like a LOT of people here don’t find out the sex…

    I’m really digging this little quilt lying on my floor.. Maybe I need to make one for me. I mean— for Lila. Lila.

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