Houndstooth, Micro Houndstooth

Here’s the 50’s housewife shirt I’m working on.  It’s a part of my Summer wardrobe.

I used the pattern as a “blueprint” to alter my basic block.  Fingers crossed it fits properly.  I like shoulder pleats but have struggled to create them well on self-drafted garments in the past.

I think this shirt needs sleeves to be work appropriate, something about a sleeveless shirt is so casual.  I made a double layer yoke, and decided to use the back neck facing included in the pattern- cut from a contrasting fabric from the same range.  I might go ahead and embroider my initials or a small motif on the facing before I stitch it down.

Tulip sleeves struck me as just the thing, I didn’t want plain sleeves but also didn’t feel like messing around with experimental sleeve drafting.  I like tulip sleeves, but have yet to use them on a garment in my “regular rotation.”

I cut them out tonight, they’ll go on soon.  Front over back or back over front?

I liked the red and pink micro-houndstooth so much, I decided to get some pink and cream.  It reads as a solid unless you’re quite close to the fabric.

Unfortunately, the blue seersucker in my original wardrobe plan didn’t wash well.  It came out of the wash the texture of toilet paper (admittedly, the nice kind of toilet paper) and nothing I try will revive the texture.  Not steam, not cold water, or hot, or a dryer on high, or a clothesline.  Ideas?  At any rate, I don’t want to use the fabric as-is, so I’ll sub in the pink.


  1. Those shoulder tucks are interesting!Hmm. Back over front.That's a shame about the blue fabric, it's a pretty colour! I presume you've already tried fabric softener… perhaps it should become curtains or something you don't have to touch too often…

  2. I think we all have a piece of fabric in our collections that washed poorly. I recently had a piece of white sheeting type fabric that subsequently became a drop cloth. Lot of painting to do here. Most RTW garments with tulip sleeve feature back over front. I have seen both, I would say experiment to see which suits your pattern.

  3. I'd do front-over-back my ownself. I like tulip sleeves, now that I have developed Old Lady Arms. The sleeves let one have a normal armsceye yet enough expansion for the bag of mice that swings where one's biceps used to be. And, so sad about the seersucker. It seems doomed to become lining fabric, or a nightgown. Laundry bag? Shroud?

  4. Oh I like that shirt, and tulip sleeves are so pretty. I have a couple of tops that have tulip sleeves and I find them perfect for work. It's enough to not feel so casual but it's not as warm as a full sleeve and not restrictive.I'd have to check what I have at home. I know when I made a muslin for Vogue 8554 (it's still a muslin 14 months later) I put them on each arm differently. Oops.

  5. Shroud? Heh, you all crack me up! I know the rep who sold us the seersucker (by sight) so the fabric is sitting on my desk at work so I can accost him next time I see him. The seersucker was cheeeeeeap, but I worry that other people have bought it and it turned out like that. Thanks Sigrid… I have another shirt with paired buttons, but I hardly wear it because it makes me feel like oatmeal. Oats are great, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't do me any favors…Maybe this print could more accurately be called "pupstooth"?

  6. The houndstooth shirt is looking great already. I also bought the seersucker (in white) and mine has washed up the same way. I thought it was something I did so I have taken a little comfort in the news that it seems to be the fabric's fault! I'm still making a shirt out of mine but that's because I need the practice.

  7. I love the paired buttons too! I vote back over front for the tulip sleeves, so the tulip-ness can be seen from the front.

  8. Yes, I think back over front will trump. Dear me, we got a truckload of Indian trims in at work the other day, I think I may have a Chanel-esque diversion into embroidered bands and tiny mirror trim. Not on this shirt…

  9. Steph, loving the houndstooth! I haven't used my seersucker yet (or prewashed it) so now I am a bit nervous. At least it didn't cost me a fortune!

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