Scallop Skirt: Work in Progress

Sherry from pattern, scissors, cloth created a great scallop edge tutorial.  My scallops are considerably smaller.  If I realized at the outset how much trimming, turning and pressing this would entail, I would have opted for larger ones.  I took one stitch across the interior corner of the scallop, to help cut down on puckering.  Puckering can be worse in lightweight fabrics than heavier ones.

Lining, edged with daisy lace from Minerve.  She shrank ever-so-slightly since I made her, so I had to cut the lace off.  I’m pleased to re-use the daisy guipure lace (I have a thing for guipure) on this garment, where it is allowed to peek out!  The slits at the side allow the blue voile pockets to slip inside the skirt.

My scallops don’t match each other precisely, but I wax philosophical about it.  Wise quilters don’t worry too much about matching greens in a quilt, with the idea that we see a pleasing profusion of mis-matched greens in nature, and who are we to improve on nature’s palette?  In a similar way, my scallops are as individual as snowflakes and that’s fine with me.  They’re also waaaaay down at the hem, so who’s looking?

I used red thread to stitch the waist binding on the inside.  Note the pocket, slipped through the slits in the lining.  No finished pictures yet, I’m not well and look like death- but I’m mending rapidly so I might get some good shots tomorrow.

Husband (that controversial arbiter of my personal style) gives this a thumbs up.


  1. Ah! The itty bitty scallops are adorable! Love it!I'm about to embark on a scallop skirt myself (having stumbled across the same tutorial a few days ago). Haven't yet decided if I'm crazy or wildly enthusiastic.

  2. Scallops are my favourite things! But yes, they can be a bastard to work with and often look very messy. I'll check out the tutorial.

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