Amazing New Color Palette Maker

I don’t have time for a long post today, but I had to share this.

I found a brand new toy from a blog I follow, Lost in Stockholm.  If you anticipate every season’s Pantone release with bated breath and sweaty palms, prepare yourself for Colour Lovers. It’s a simple to use, intuitive yet detailed tool which allows you to assemble color palettes and patterns and share with other creative people all over the world.  You can browse palettes others put together, as well.  If you aren’t sure about putting colors together for a sewing “collection,” you can use this tool to play around and see what pleases your eye.  You can also use colors from photographs.  I made a quick palette for my summer wardrobe and was blown away by the user interface.  I can’t wait for a block of free time to dive into the color community represented here.

(Drafted some of the seersucker top today, I’m so inspired and motivated by my wardrobe sewing I decided to start getting up early so I can work on it every day…  More on that later.)

Edited to add:  You can create custom patterns with your colors, then you can buy it.  Or any of the other awesome user-created patterns.  The page is linked with Spoonflower!


  1. I've been using Colour Lovers for web design for a few years and only recently started using it for fashion palette inspiration.. it's much more accessible than Pantone. Have you tried Pinterest too? I'm making these silhouette and color mood boards on there… I love how easy it is to use.

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