Picks of the Week

I’m too tired to write a regular sewing post, but I wanted to share a few things I’m looking at, working on and thinking about…

I’m still making funny sketches to figure out how to translate this dress from The Dreamstress.  My imagination wanders off to think about which fibers I should use, how to cut it, which elements to keep and which to set aside.  The dress calls to me, so I know I will make it but I don’t know how so I won’t rush to cut.

I like to spend a little time looking through the Self Stitched September stream.  I always notice the confidence expressed in a lot of those photos; the many facets of beauty shown beside one another.  It’s cool and inspiring-  picking up styling tips from other people instead of from ads designed to sell me something.

An advertisement I looked at this week is Willie Nelson’s anti-industrial farming ad for Chipotle.  I tend to automatically distrust advertising, but this rings gentle and positive.  Chipotle has a “Food With Integrity” policy which is a guiding business practice.  And they’re delicious.  I only mention it because I’m a fan.  I like to make ethical choices with my money in small ways.

Also, I’m still really into Pon Pon. It’s catchy and deliriously happy.


  1. Gaahh – I LOVE Chipotle. Yum! I ate there as often as I could when I visited US in February. And the fact that they try to be nice to the planet – that is not the dumbest goal one could have! :-)

  2. I love that dress too! I love most things about pre war fashion, but thre's something about this dress, which breaks so many rules yet manages to make up new ones that work better, that is seriously cool.

  3. My 3yo daughter was literally hyperventilating at the horse toy in this video! She said the singer is pretty and fancy. :-) Thanks for the Flickr link too.

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