The Germans Wore Gray, You Wore Blue

Rick said that to Ilsa, remembering the way she dressed on the day the Germans invaded Paris.  I have a free day today, I think I should clean the house but instead I’ll throw myself into a Dress in a Day project.  I haven’t pushed myself to do one for a while.  This dress has played in my mind for several years- it was one of my first pattern buys when I got into vintage patterns.   It’s French, from just before the invasion.  I made the skirt a few times before.

Can you believe the fabric match?  I’ve had this almost as long as the pattern.  It’s a quilting weight cotton.  My mind is full of recent current events from the last week, you know I’m a news junkie.  A project will help me focus and think.  So I’m brewing some coffee, ignoring the messy house for once and watching Casablanca while I make a dress.


  1. Yes that certainly is a great match between the pattern picture and your fabric! Looks like a lovely pattern (where do you find these treasures? although it seems you are perfectly capable of drafting them yourself after looking at the pattern pictures!) so I hope the making went well.

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