Blouses, Blouses Everywhere

Here’s a taste of my sewing lately, they’re all in various stages of completion.  I know I don’t blog about it much, but these are for the Wardrobe Club I facilitate at work.  This month is button-up blouses.  Since I started the club, I find I binge on that garment for the month leading up to the club meeting.  Remember all my knit tops earlier this year?  Club binge.

For my second blouse this month, I used the sleeves from the yellow shirt, and slapped them on a back-buttoning blouse drafted from my block.   I’m not sure about the sleeves, they could be charming or weird.

The blouse I drafted also features exterior darts, like this beauty I found at Roobeedoo’s.  I also decided to use a shoulder dart like the McCall’s pattern.  Several slim darts create a smoother shape than a two or four chunky ones.

The cigar shaped under bust dart on my sloper.  I laid my new pattern on top and divided the dart in two.  That’s the lines with the dots.

Line through the fat side dart to the bust apex, and from the shoulder to the apex.

Snip snip.

Two pieces of the bodice.

When I completely close the side dart, it makes an ENORMOUS shoulder dart.  Fat darts = messy.

Two shoulder darts?

Compromise- slimmish side dart, ordinary-sized shoulder dart.

Mmmmm.. blue and white and gray..


  1. I love the keyhole detail on the McCall pattern. I just found a petal collar button back blouse pattern from the sixties at the thrift store the other day. The fit looks really boxy, though, so I'm having a hard time decided what to do about it. Is that a gnome on the beach? :)

  2. I'd love to hear more about that wardrobe club—it sounds intriguing! :)I'm also curious about the full-sleeved blouse. I love the look of long, full sleeves in theory, but am always wondering if they'll look too costumey for everyday.Can't wait to see the final products :)

  3. I like the short sleeve blouse of 1796 a lot. But then we are undergoing a heat wave in Cincinnati. The yoke could be done in lace or a lace overlay with a white blowsy fabric and look very breezy. A lot of cool vintage patterns seem to come your way. :)

  4. It's great to see how you worked through moving the darts. That kind of stuff still scares me, so seeing your process was extremely helpful for me. Thanks! Happy blouse making!

  5. I think I'll post about wardrobe club later this week, but I'll be sure to put a link here. I'm thinking of expanding it to be an online club, it's been pretty successful. Fashionista… I'll confess, I don't own many of the patterns I knock off. I like to work with 30's patterns and some 40's patterns because they teach me new tricks, but lately I've been slavishly copying….I'm glad it's helpful, Amy. I keep thinking how handy something like that would have been to me before I learned this stuff, so I like to put it up.Liza- could you stick the collar you like on an existing button-back blouse pattern? Like Sencha or something that you already know fits?

  6. Interesting! Your drawing of the double darts looks like the opposite of how they appear on the pattern itself (from memory), which is doing my brain in. Hope it works out! :)

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