Burda Pirate Breaks Liberty Curse

I had a curse.  The Liberty curse.  Like many intermediate sewists, I found myself drawn to Liberty’s gorgeous, distinctive prints and fine fabric.  It’s hard to resist, even at $45-odd dollars a yard.  Yet somehow, every blouse I tried to make from Liberty fabric failed.  Big fat wadder.  I guess I got the yips and forgot how to sew.  Speaking of forgetting how to sew, check out the in-progress shot.  What’s wrong with that picture?

I sewed the back on inside out.   This comes from Burda 01-2011-107.  It’s a gem of a blouse, easy to overlook.  Someone made a black and white version in class and was kind enough to loan me her copy.  (It’s coming right back your way, C, I promise!)  This pattern doesn’t have an inner yoke, but I put one in the traditional shirt making way.  Twice, on this one.

This blouse calls for exterior darts, but I made mine the usual way.  I have another exterior dart blouse on the make.  Also note the french seams, and the brown buttonhole bobbin thread because I couldn’t be bothered to stop working to wind a black one.

I used black satin binding on the neck seam.

 This collar has an odd shape- I ended up lapping the seams which join the collar to the stand.  I also cut the undercollar in two pieces on the bias, like a coat collar.  Because I could.

Kbenco made this, and wrote a double yoke tutorial.  She also noted that she made no FBA.  I was shocked, she and I are similarly shaped.  I even wrote to her to confirm it.  She used her normal Burda size.  I decided to err on the side of caution and go up a size, so now I have a biggish shirt.

I usually wear closely fitted clothing, but I think this will be a go-to summer shirt.  Curse broken.

The back has a cool pleat- I love back interest.  I wore this all day before taking photos, and will probably never wear it un-tucked.

Mmm, clipper ships.  I finally found the courage to cut this shirt because I wanted to use the scraps in my Storm at Sea quilt, which I have now put on the back burner to allow me to indulge in a serious blouse fixation.


By the way, Australians, did you hear that Pattern Review is hosting a get together in Sydney?  I’m thinking about going, it’s not that far and Sydney is beautiful.

Also, I miss the Selfish Seamstress.


  1. YAY! The curse is broken and the blouse looks FANTASTIC! I absolutely love the fabric and it's great that you can use the scraps in your quilt–it goes perfectly!!

  2. I've never sewn with Liberty fabric, but I've heard such wonderful things. When I finally get the opportunity, I'll remember your lessons. Congrats on breaking the curse! Your shirt looks great – I love the little ships!

  3. That is really pretty! I didn't notice that blouse in the magazine, but now am going to take a look at it. Great fabric.

  4. Congratulations! That is quite the fabric. I think I'm glad I don't have Liberty fabrics sitting under my nose… makes it much easier to resist the temptation. ;). And that is perfect fabric for your quilt, too.I was just thinking about her Selfishness recently, too…

  5. Such a ladylike blouse. And beautiful fabric, of course!Sydney PR get together. Don't tempt me. I still have more than 200 metres of fabric in my stash. I do not need opportunities to acquire more..

  6. Thanks for the words, ladies…Paperdoll, I did use the past tense… ;)I'm really thinking seriously of going to Sydney… We'll see.

  7. I live in Sydney, but can't find the details on Pattern Review. Can you fill me in?ThanksPS. Your blouse is nicely put together and the print is very interesting.

  8. Your blouse looks lovely. I am seriously thinking of a 3rd version. I even have some Liberty lawn, but not that cool clipper print.

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