My Work, Cut Out For Me

Name: Asymmetrical pleated skirt from distressed silk.
Age: 15 months
Needs: Zipper, waistband, hemming
Name: Cotton voile blouse from a favorite 50’s pattern with piping
Age: 10 months
Needs: Shoulder seam, one sleeve, collar, darts, hem, buttonholes
Name: Cotton corduroy self-drafted skirt with back godets
Age: 3 months
Needs: Side zipper, attach lining, hem
Name: Burda skirt in linen-cotton
Age: 5 months
Needs: Technically a finished garment, but the lack of waistband makes me uncomfortable.  I need to make a shaped waistband and attach it.
Name: early 1950’s dress with contrast collar and cuffs, made from a $1 sheet.
Age: 2 weeks
Needs: Belt, zipper, hem
Name: Smooth Sailing pants with lining, welt pockets and exceptional belt loops in wool-cashmere.
Age: 5 days
Needs: Attach waistband, belt loops, hook and bar, hem.  It’s not a long-standing unfinished project, but I thought I should mention it.
These are the garments which weigh on my conscience lately.  I can’t tell you exactly why I haven’t finished them, I just haven’t.  Most of these are work-appropriate clothes and I’ve only been working a day or two every week for some time.  I can’t be bothered to sew something I might wear once a month, though I do like to cut them out.
Now I have a full-time job!   I’ll be working in the administrative office of the shop I already work for- answering phones, managing social media, e-mails, etc.  I haven’t had a steady job in a long time, so I’m excited.  I start on Monday; this weekend I plan to finish up at least most of these projects and make sure the rest of my wardrobe is in top condition.
I need new work blouses.  These three fabrics sat on my work table for months.  I know what they should be- Burda 01-2011-107 in the scrimshaw Liberty print; Jalie 2794 with lace inset in cream merino slub knit; and one of my late 40’s blouse patterns for the delft blue print.
How should I best avoid fussiness with the blue? Simple lines?  Complete severity of cut? What about a mannish tailored shirt with deep pintucks?  Can you see something cool and not frou-frou made from the blue, or should I relegate it to craft fabric?
Why do I have so many projects lacking zippers and hems?  It’s not like I don’t know how to do them…


  1. I also have some unfinished projects. You must finish the blouse, it is too beautiful not to see the light of day. Do you do where I can buy distressed silk from in Australia? I'm wanting it to make some soft drawstring pants for spring.

  2. Well, the distressed silk is a long and colorful story. Basically a student of mine made a mistake with her LBD fabric and I bought it to see if I could fix the fabric. I'll go through the process when I blog the finished skirt. Soon, I promise!

  3. Good luck with those UFOs I have one and two dresses that are in need of repair. I also am taking an online course through craftsy and have to start on too. Good luck with the job.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing a flurry of posts with all these finished projects! :-)Enjoy your new work responsibilities.

  5. Glad I'm not the only one :) You already have me drooling over some of these pieces….. Congrats on the full-time job! I find it really fun to make office style separates!

  6. Oh I know the feeling of having UFO's waiting for you to come and finish them…I ind I loose my motivation to finsih them if I have the laying around un-finished for too long. How do you find the motivation to do so?

  7. Hahahaha! I, too, dislike applying zip fasteners. They seem so pedestrian and utilitarian. The reason zippers are so ubiquitous? They do an extremely good job of keeping an opening closed, yet easily accessible. And hand hemming is torture, even if I watch t.v. or listen to music while hemming. Suck it up, girl, and soldier on through. Look at all the new garments you'll be adding to your wardrobe, in one swoop!

  8. Congrats on the new job! How exciting! Good luck on the UFO situation. I have four summer dresses for my daughter in the back room that just need a little something, hem, buttons, etc. I know how you feel. For some reason I can't work up the enthusiasm to finish them.

  9. Congratulations on job-hood!I love the blue fabric, too. I'm picturing a simple blouse, maybe Sencha-esque, with short kimono sleeves. But I'm sure your shirt idea would work, too. :)Good luck with the UFO round-up!

  10. Congratulations on the full time job. I love the list of UFOs as I do the same thing but at different stages of completion. This happens when I am scattered due to big changes in my life. Just finish each one as if you are weeding the flowerbed :-)

  11. You stop projects at funny spots! I abandon items when they don't fit right, but you just don't like doing zips and hems do you?I think you actually did blog about the distressed silk when it first happened. It was thrown in a machine with her husbands jeans wasn't it?

  12. Rugby gear. And horrible harsh detergents.I do like zips and hems! I think it's just the finished product. I get it to a certain point (where I can see what it will look like); if I shrug and say "meh" I just move on to something else.

  13. Oh, this is inspiring… I should take pictures of my UFOs! And date them. So many… I'm curious what you'll do with the blue print because I think you'll find something good. I have some cute Liberty cotton that I love to look at and touch, but "cute" is the operative word here… every single pattern I have would look so twee once made up in it. I would lean toward the mannish shirt. Or Tanit's idea of the Sencha-type blouse, that would be pretty but simple. Or perhaps just make and obi belt out of it and wrap it around a white shirt?

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