Goldfish Knitting

Sometimes my fingers twitch in a way that only knitting satisfies.  Cold weather brings that feeling to my fingertips.  This year, I started with a scarflet gifted to a friend before I photographed it.  I was so pleased with the finished product, I made one for myself.  It’s the perfect little scarf for a slightly chilly sub-tropical winter.

I can’t decide which side I like best.  This comes from Ravelry, “Anthro-Inspired Scarflet.”  Knitters like to knock off Anthropologie as much as sewists.  I used one-and-a-bit balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran- perfect pairing of yarn and pattern for optimal stitch definition.  If I had it to do again (and I suspect I’ll keep making them), I’d make the back neck 20 sts wide instead of 26, which would make this a one-ball project.  It curls despite blocking, I may need to wet-block.

I knit a few beanies for my husband every year.  He picked this one, Aaron’s Hat, which I knitted with “Jet,” a soft alpaca blend which also yields great stitch definition.  I worried it would come out too textured for his taste, but it’s soft and warm and barely leaves his head.

And finally, Capucine.  I started it with an angora blend held double, then realized I would run out of yarn well before I finished.

No problem, I blended in some gray wool-cashmere to finish the back.  I didn’t do the applique in from the original, and only modest side tassels.  I suspect my guage was slightly small, as it has the tendency to slip off the back of my head when I look up.

Regardless, it sees plenty of wear.  I like the “coif” air to it, and it’s soft and warm.  The back decreases beautifully, which was an unexpected pleasant surprise.  I realize I’m wearing a thick knitted hat with an exposed back, but this isn’t exactly Antarctica.

These three projects share a common virtue- big yarn.  I can complete them in a sitting or three, I like to knit when I chat with Mom over Skype.  I lose interest in larger projects, or those that require a smaller gauge.  Big chunky projects for me or nothing!  (Except lacework, that also goes fast…)

I’m roaring back into apparel-making with an ultimate pair of Katharine Hepburn trousers.  I’m working with a wool-cashmere blend twill, with Hong Kong seams, lined to the knees, and styling based loosely on this pair of pants:

(Oppositional Forces)

They’re from… Anthropologie.  The circle now complete, I must go H.K. some seams on my K.Heps.


  1. Love the texture of that bow scarf!And a cooment on the bag post: how do you keep your rice dry if you have a mildew problem? I daren't buy in bulk for this reason!

  2. The rice goes from sack to an airtight container and we don't have a problem. I don't know what happens to it before we get it, but it's smooth and gorgeous. All our food goes into airtight containers, I never saw so many insects driven to food theft as here.

  3. Love your scarf, its in my queue on Ravelry :) I tend to stick to smaller projects like socks, gloves, hats etc as there are few fitting problems. I do NOT want to try an FBA on a knitting pattern! lol Short rows aren't too hard on socks, but on a cardigan? I can barely understand a cardigan pattern as it is, without adding in short rows! Maybe one day. . .Ashley x

  4. I love your coif (funny, I was thinking the same thing before I scrolled down and saw the coif illustration!). The scarflet is cute, too, although I must admit as a far northerner decorative scarves sort of bemuse me.Can't wait to see the pants :D

  5. I love my knitting, don't bother with lacy patterns though, I stick to bold stripes and colour blocks with bows and pockets etc from a good basic pattern. Never seen the point in knitting jumpers (sweaters) with holes in, too drafty!!!

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