I can’t find my camera.  I’m sure it’s here somewhere; my house is relatively tidy with few hidey-holes.  I remember the last time I had it, I remember where I put it and it’s not there.  I cleaned the house, my husband cleaned, and we still can’t find the thing.  I’m absent-minded at the best of times, but this is ridiculous.  All that is to say, I can’t blog the Twisty Pinny (or all my recently finished knitted treasures) until I find my camera.  Or borrow one (which is my back-up plan for tomorrow).

Husband took my last few MMJ photos with his iPhone.  It doesn’t take great photos, and besides I have detail shots on my missing camera.  If you haven’t seen this Me Made June, check it out.  It’s basically a month-long sewists’ convention, where you get a peek into other people’s lives through seeing them wear what they’ve made every day for a month at a time.  I love it.  This month has a slightly different vibe, with a few photo challenges- ugliest backdrop, Conformity Friday, and some more sophisticated sewing than usual.  I missed a few days for outfit photos, and also realized just how much I steal clothes from my husband.

On a completely unrelated note, I need a little advice.  Don’t worry about hurting my feelings.

I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan, and recently stumbled across this picture of Emma Watson.  I like this outfit, I like it enough to work on re-creating it but I know she’s a little younger than I.  Can a rather suburban mommy from the provinces rock this look, or is it best left to beautifully young, socially conscious nymphs who dwell in the center of the universe?  The tie reminds me of Chanel’s “garcon” look from early in her career, and I’m intrigued by the idea of bridal-lace shorts.  I have plenty of white Peter-Pan collared shirts, and a few neutral cardigans/blazers…

Do we like this look?  Can I go there even if I’m not stick thin and I’m pushing 27?

Are you enjoying MMJ?

Have you seen my camera?


  1. You live somewhere hot, so shorts make sense. Lace shorts? Not sure – maybe they risk appearing like lingerie if they are too short? I think I would be taking it a bit more 1930's as a tie-neck blouse over lace culottes and a kimono jacket…? Dunno. Try it and see! ;)

  2. Roobeedoo, I laughed out loud at your last comment and had to explain to my husband. ehehe.The idea of turning these into a pair of K. Heps is very inviting… I would wear them at the most inappropriate times though… Mother's group, anyone?

  3. The Emmy Thompson look has so many pitfalls. It does not work without the Jacket, but who would wear shorts when you need a jacket? She looks very thin and her boyish haircut is just the right contrast with the lace of the shorts.I'm glad you found that picture so I could see it. It is a very sweet look, but I think it works best for very young women.

  4. I think it could work if you shortened the jacket a little to make it more proportional and made the shorts out of something that is textured but not lace, maybe seersucker or eyelet (lined too of course lol)

  5. YAY!! Another hard-core HP fan!!!! And YES!!! You can go there – fashion is pushing the limits in tasteful ways – and that outfit IS VERY tasteful! You can make the shorts a bit longer or in another colour, that might make it less 'different' from 'on-the-street' fashions trends. Not as tight perhaps? I think I would make the more loosefitting… yeah – That would be how I'd wear an outfit like that.

  6. I love the thoughtful comments and measured criticism. Does it work best for very young women or very thin women? When I was her age, I had the same haircut and wore whatever took my fancy..Seersucker is most attractive, I can only usually find poly/cotton blends with seersucker but if I found 100% cotton (or, dear me, hemp) I'd buy ten metres of it. The idea intrigues me.

  7. 27. You are still a baby! You have a good figure. Why not wear shorts? In Florida everyone wears shorts 8 months out of the year no matter how old or out of shape – it's the heat! Isn't it the same in Northern Australia? Lace shorts are a cute idea.

  8. I'm pushing 40 and would wear an outfit like that in a heartbeat. Although, as others have mentioned, I'm not 100% sold on the lace fabric used for the shorts. I had to think about when I'd wear a jacket if I were wearing shorts. I often wear a jacket with a skirt, so if I were to think about the shorts as I do skirts, then the jacket seems appropriate. Also, many buildings are air-conditioned now and it's a good idea to have something to fend off the chill.Culottes would be a great alternative.I should also mention that I've always been a sucker for the gamin look–and women wearing menswear. I've always admired George Eliot and Katherine Hepburn's take on fashion. In short, my comments are biased ;)

  9. Camera is not here, either.I love the idea of lace shorts! I say go for it. In fact, I like the whole outfit except I'm not completely sold on the jacket. I think you could definitely pull off the shorts/blouse/tie combination.

  10. I haven't seen the camera. Have you asked the kiddoes? They seem to have eagle eyes. I like the lace shorts. You are right. There is something about the ensemble that gives one pause but I can't quite put my finger on it. On a woman, rather than a teen, I would rather see a long scarf instead of the tie, or possibly a little neck scarf tied simply. I know the tie is part of the menswear thing, but this outfit already has a tailored jacket against lace shorts. That is the primary contrast that I like. If you make the lace shorts, you must post! Can't wait to see them.

  11. Just wodering abut that whole camera thing… if it was me.. I'd see this as the perfect reason to go camera-shopping…. Just saying… thinking out loud …

  12. Yes! I love the 'garcon' look, and I am going into my 40s, and not gamine in any way. I think the ticket might be similarly-colored tights and perhaps some kind of short heeled shoe. A fedora helps too. ;) That said, I always look at these kind of styles and imagine what it'd look like with long hair–her hair certainly makes it more girlish boyish. Shorts are always tricky, as is lace–maybe you could make shorts out of a regular woven and overlay the waist with a lace cummerbund. I can see it in my mind, it looks really cool. ;)

  13. PUSHING 27?! That IS still very young! You're very stylish, as long as you don't walk around looking self conscious then you absolutely could pull it off! Also I LOVE HP! LOVE LOVE LOVE! LOVE:)

  14. I haven't seen your camera. It might be off gallivanting with mine, which is also missing. My personal opinion is that this particular pairing of tailored and ridiculous…er, fancy, is best left to children under the age of 5. (Somehow, Emma just about manages to pull it off.) The shorts would look great with a silky draped halter, and the upper portion would be fantastic with Heps, but I just don't think they work well together. Of course, my standard outfit is jeans and a tshirt, so don't feel obliged to listen to me. ;-)

  15. Lace heps would be gorgeous with this outfit. Personally I think she can only get away with the shorts because she's a celeb. You wouldn't see that in New Zealand even on a teenager but maybe we are just super conservative. Enjoy your 20s. You are still sooooo young.

  16. An interesting look, but to my eye as it stands, it's strictly gamine wear. I wholeheartedly approve of the subversive use of bridal lace however and there must be ways you can use it. The look on you would end up more "Betty Boo" than "Justin Bieber Comes Out", which is intriguing. Remember that like Jessica Rabbit, you are not bad, you're just drawn that way ;-)Now, since you've lost your camera, does that mean you can post about an older project, like, say, your WEDDING DRESS???? :) :) :)

  17. "pushing 27 !!!" Start worrying when you're pushing 47 (like me) ! My feeling is if you use a cotton eyelet lace for the shorts you could make it work. I'm thinking that a more fitted jacket would look best on you, so you might need to keep the menswear look intact with the styling.The great thing about sewing blogs, in my mind, are all the people making things a bit "out there" just to satisfy their personal style.Good luck with the camera.

  18. I should sit on the floor and look for interesting camera hiding places from a little ones point of view. I would wear smart "city shorts" or some K-heps rather than lace ones, I reckon they're best left to the fashion gurus among us!

  19. pushing 27?! you're younger than me and have you seen the length of some of my skirts?!!love her hair since she went for the chop, bt i don't think they're actually the nicest shorts on her, even though she's pretty much a stick! maybe more flattering shorts, other than that go for it :-)

  20. I'm not certain if I'm a fan, personally, of Emma's outfit, but I don't see why you couldn't pull it off. Like others have said, I think you'd have to be careful about the lace, though. Maybe a different type that doesn't look so bridal? I'm not a fan of the ones on her shorts, but if you like it, you should totally rock it! You have the figure for it, I think!Also, there's a funny community on Livejournal called myfsckingkeys, that a friend of mine designed to help people locate things they'd misplaced. Basically, you post your problem ("I've lost my camera and it's no where, I swear"), and then random people give suggestions on where to look. Strange concept, but you'd be surprised how many times it's worked! When the community first launched, I jokingly posted about losing all my mechanical pencils (which I had), and based on peoples suggestions, managed to find something like 4 or 5 of them! :D my suggestion is tucked under the chair beside where you thought you'd left the camera and/or possibly in the seat cushions.

  21. I am 'pushing' 38 and I would wear that outfit garment for garment and I am a conservative mother of three! I love it; the contrast between masculine and feminine. It works because just one thing is out of place (the ultra feminine shorts). Go for it!PS If while looking for your camera, you find another, feel free to send one my way. My biggest stumbling block to documenting my kids lives is an crappy camera (at least that is what I tell myself).

  22. Wow, thanks for all the comments. I'm pretty stuck on the idea of using a delicious heavy lace, maybe I'll use a gorgeous galloon lace inset or something. It's simmering on the back burner in my brain, probably won't come to fruition until summer (here, so November)…As for the camera, I looked EVERYWHERE. I even tossed over my little girl's bedroom and while I found a stash of rowan cotton yarn I've been looking for (which she admired a few weeks ago) under her bed, no camera. I borrowed one from work but I can't upload with it! BLAST! I might have to go ahead and post some video I took last time I had a quiet night in which involves Pear Cider, bias binding and Bing Crosby but I hope it doesn't come to that…. Or I could post about my wedding dress. She and I have a weird relationship, and I worry if I keep posting about my emotional attachments to my projects that y'all will send the men in little white coats to pick me up and put me away…

  23. The only way to know how you'll look in it is to try it. See if you can find some similar silhouettes in rtw, and analyze yourself in the mirror. You're young enough to carry off the look, but you may be too curvy to get the same effect. Tailored shorts in a heavy lace, and an unstructured (possibly unlined?) blazer might look great. Shirt with a lowered neckline? Scarf instead of necktie?

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