(Finally) Finished Object: The Experimental Skirt

(All photos courtesy of Lila)
In the midst of my not-blogging funk, I’ve finished a number of irritating UFO’s.  It’s the worst type of UFO- the I-Want-the-Finished-Object-But-Can’t-Decide-the-Perfect-Finish-So-It-Sits-On-My-Worktable-In-A-Near-Stage-of-Completion project.  I tend to keep those projects out so I can see them and feel guilty until I either finish them or we breakup.
(Poor Blouse has recently died)
I made this a few months ago, longing for a pink voile skirt I had in college.  I wanted to play with sheers, semi-sheers, and ribbons- all machine washable.  I used an underlayer of mosquito netting (cheap and to hand) to create oomph, and sewed ribbons on it to provide a little depth to the skirt.  The ribbons didn’t show through as much as I’d hoped, and despite the super high, stiff rouched waistband, something about the skirt didn’t work for me.  I set it aside.
(Worn here with the Burda Bardot Top.  Wait, isn’t it supposed to be winter here?)
I made a little lace insertion near the hem, and sewed the bottom of the skirt to the shorter white lining layer for a balloon effect.  It’s probably not the best idea for an already curvy figure, but I enjoy wearing it more than I care about its suitability.  I threw it on yesterday when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed; by the end of the day I had a little skip in my step.  
Pink and lace, red lipstick and flower hairclips aren’t serious ways to handle the blues, but at least it makes other people smile.  I took my daughter grocery shopping dressed like that, and every person I saw flashed me a huge grin.  Sure, they might have been thinking “Smile at the crazy lady and move away quickly,” but I don’t care.  After a while, I found myself smiling back at people, and I felt lighter. I even got some winks from old men.

It’s a funny shape, but I was trying to make something a little funny when I started out.  My desire to just finish the skirt trumped my plan for several rows of lace.  I’m planning a pretty merino jersey top with an insertion, I could post how I insert the lace if anyone is interested (I forgot to take progress pictures this time). 
What silly or funny things do you do to put a little whimsy in the world?  Does anyone else do this sort of thing when they’re not feeling great?  How does that work out?  Or on the flip side, what would you think if you saw grown women running errands dressed in head-to-toe pink?  Or wearing K.Hep pants or big-skirted 50’s dresses?   Would you respond with a smile or an eye-roll?


  1. Hi Steph – JillyBe from California; nice to meet you :). I had to post because of your timing. Life's been a bit of an emotional drain in my area of the world as well, and I just finished a year old (plus) UFO. And I did not feel the wonderful release I thought I would, but I suspect that's more about my own tiredness & funk than anything else.However, what I am noticing is a renewed excitement & energy about diving into other projects. Without the UFO hanging on my dress form (yes, it's been there all year – it gets removed for a new project, then replaced, trying its best to guilt trip me. Now it's just waiting for a photo op, then the dress form will be naked again – I think that will make me feel better too :)And even in a funk, I will likely muster a smile for anyone wearing the outfits you describe. Here's to gentle smiles, leading to laughter…. :)

  2. Hey! Nice to meet you, too. I think there's a lot of tiredness and funk going around, it's a tired funky world we live in. I keep thinking the only way to deal with this tired funky world is to remember we're tiny specks floating through the universe- we can be upset and depressed about it, or we can laugh a little and create a little happiness.

  3. I put a bit of whimsy out there by wearing a couple of skirts decorated with bits of printed tablecloth… one has a map of Norfolk Island right about over my, er, map of Tassie. I have bought an actual Tasmania souvenir tablecloth but haven't had the nerve to make myself a true 'map of Tassie' skirt with it yet.I like the subtle show-through of the ribbons on your skirt. It looks comfy and flouncy-fun at the same time.

  4. Oh, Steph. Lace on a dirndl skirt. Now that I'm reading about it, and seeing it, I can't imagine how I never thought of such a thing before! I have plans to make several full skirts this summer (circle type and dirndl type and so forth)….and I also have a great deal of lace. These things could work so well together! I am officially inspired. Thank you!Aaaaand – your skirt looks very cute, and very happy, and I seriously doubt that anyone was just smiling to humor the crazy lady! <3

  5. Oh yes, it's fun and beautiful and it would bring a smile on my face, too!I do help my mood with clothes occasionally. Like putting on a sunflower-y yellow T-shirt last week, and my favourite green dress with petal sleeves yesterday to beat the heat (I am also wearing it now as I type) – I think I need more fun clothes, so, yes, I totally understand that. Even though my fun clothes are nowhere near as fun as yours!Congratulations on finishing a UFO and having fun with it!

  6. I would absolutely smile. I love this with the flower clip and your sneakers. So fun. I can see how this made you feel better.I think stitching the hem to the shorter lining was genius. It fits the skirt and I like the slightly shorter, bubbly length.

  7. I think it's cute! And who cares if people think you're a bit off. As long as they are still at the smiling stage and not yet to the hiding their kids eyes stage, you're good to go. ;) And please do share how to do a lace insertion.

  8. I always smile when I see people in clothes that are a bit out there but obviously make them happy. I made myself some gorgeous socks from hand dyed yarn that I wear when I feel fragile. When I am down, I tend to wear dark clothes, but I try hard to spice them up with a jolt of something spicy. Hope those blues lift soon.

  9. Smile, definitely! I'd recognize a kindred spirit. I'm wearing a lacy, frilly skirt today for just the same reason. And it's working!

  10. You just look cheery in these photos. No wonder that you got smiles while you were out.I'm glad to see that I'm not the only grown woman who wears flowers in her hair. Of all the things I own, my flowers are the things that get the most compliments.

  11. Love it, and I am sure the smiles were genuine. I made six aprons out if cupcake fabric over the weekend and that really was a process hard to be grumpy about, such pretty fabrics! :)Plus I have a lot of big flowers on broochclips and often wear them. They are happy making! A bit old to wear them in my hair, but I think it is lovely look.

  12. I usually have a pair of Happy Pants hanging in my closet. Elastic waist, to cover my bulging belly? Check. Long enough so that I never have to shave my legs before wearing them? Check. Loud, bright noveltyl print? Check. Is my child embarrassed when I wear them? Check. They make laugh to look at, and I replace them immediately after they are too threadbare to be decent. I love my Happy Pants.

  13. I tell my husband I'm prancing when I get all dolled up (possibly inappropriately) for no reason. I'm sorry you're feeling down and I hope the skirt helped! It looks adorable.

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