Grace Kelly And Kate Middleton- Striking Parallels

Grace Kelly, a commoner, married Ranier III Prince of Monaco in 1956.  Her wedding party wore all white.  pale yellow.

Kate Middleton, a commoner, married Prince William in 2011.  She played it safe with grace and good taste, taking style notes from a previous plebeian princess.   Her wedding party also wears all white.

I suspect Kate’s wearing vintage from the skin out- look at her bustline.  I suspect she’s wearing a bullet bra/girdle, at least a smallish one, which is appropriate to be sure given the choice of dress.

Hair down- also a little different.  Subtly flouting convention?

She’s wearing McQueen, a previously established designer.  Dreamstress accused Kate of playing it safe, style-wise, and I’d have to agree.  But she does look lovely.  I’ll throw the question out there- Is it safe to wear McQueen on one’s wedding day?  On a royal wedding day?

Royal weddings tend to have a big impact on mainstream fashion, at least wedding fashion.  Diana launched a decade of puffy wedding dresses:

What will be Kate’s fashion legacy?

Carole Middleton, perfectly tasteful and well-fitted mother of the bride.

Sewists- I hope you’re watching fit as much as you’re watching fashion.  If you missed the wedding, try to go back and look at some of the major guests’ frocks in action. This is a rare chance to get an eyeful of watching clothes made specifically for the person wearing them, on people who come in a variety of sizes (not just Hollywood Red Carpet bodies or runway models..)  Plus sizes and post-menopausal ladies- check out the Queen.  She wore a beautiful yellow dress, impeccably fitted and carried herself like the queen she is.  I think we all can take a lesson from her poise and exuberance on what is a happy day in her family.


  1. Wow that was speedacious! I am crowing at getting so close to her dress, off the shoulder notwithstanding. Delighted with it – yes it is safe but it breaks out of the current fashion and hopefully the stranglehold of it. And it fits so beautifully, and looks amazing clse up and far away, all the things that matter in a huge wedding :)

  2. I hope it breaks a lot of current trends. I kind of feel bad about being so interested in her undergarments, but I'm fairly certain she's vintage from the skin out.

  3. P.S. I think you may be right about the bullet bra–might even be a less pointy version (like the 1940's bra that What Katie Did used to have). And harry was really cute when he did that! I also loved when William told Kate she looked stunning!

  4. I just loved it! I pulled an all nighter and watched the wedding coverage from about 11pm till up about 4:30am. It was well worth it!Gorgeous dress, and I just love the symbolism with the lace and florals. I am so glad she choose such a classic and timeless design for her dress.I agree- watching the fashion was really fun. It's a very different mode than we're used to, but it was great fun seeing the hats and the beautifully fitted clothing.

  5. Sorry, I have to correct you, but Grace Kelly's bridal party was in yellow (her favorite color), see pictures and details here at Google BooksIt's a really cool excerpt from a book all about the wedding.

  6. Her underpinnings wouldn't be actual vintage, but definitely vintage values in style and rigour. That is a lot of dress to be suspended from a strapless bodice after all. The lace would not be bearing any of the weight. The slight pointiness in the bust is the lace – it is a pretty textural lace she has there and unlike fabric whic is cut and sewn in seams with right sides together, lace used like this is cut and molded to the body and slip stitched over itself, so in places like the bustpoint where there is a definite shaping, it's inevitable that at some angle there will be a bump. No way could it be anything else :)Royalty almost always have white/ivory attendants, only coloured sashes. Not sure why. Perhaps they are really trying to stick to the origins of the concept where the attendants were meant to confuse evil spirits as to who was the actual bride. Evil spirits being notoriously stupid of course! ;-)

  7. I really, really hope she breaks the 10-year-old trend… there's a wedding parlour next to where I live when at school and even though they exchange the dresses in its display often, it hasn't truly changed since my oldest sister moved into that flat. It really gets on my nerves at this point… :DAnd yes, I noticed the similarity between her and Grace Kelly's dress, although I wouldn't have put it so far. But I guess you're right. And thanks for all those additional photos of Grace Kelly – I didn't know them. ;-)

  8. Oh, I was so impressed with what the Queen wore, too! Glad you commented on that. I was admiring how beautifully it was tailored for her and was just perfect in style for her… and such an adorable, happy colour.

  9. I think foundation garments might be worth a second thought. While I have very little education about vintage underthings, my eyes were opened in May when the seamstress at the bridal boutique where I bought my wedding dress sewed a bustier into my wedding dress. OH MY! That was genius. That baby wasn’t going anywhere! And it was so comfortable. Seriously. I danced like I never danced before, and I didn’t have to pull up my dress. Nor did I have any trouble breathing while I was busting a move. I really want to invest in one that I can wear instead of strapless bras that need constant adjustment and have shimmied down to the bottom of my ribcage by the time I get home from work. Fail.

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