Little Girl Basics- For Uta

Uta makes nice clothes for kids.  Kids can’t really blog about what they wear, so I enjoy Uta’s posts on kids clothes she makes.

Mom sometimes shops end of season sales for designer kids-wear and sends her picks to Lila- just in time for our new season.  Two years ago, she sent Lila two little skirts, one pink plaid and one khaki.  She’s worn them ever since and only just grew out of them, they were incredibly useful wardrobe pieces because they matched nearly every top my little girl owned.

Since she grew out of them, I thought to replace them with some mommy-made pieces.  I used the Oliver + S music school skirt to make a pink and brown plaid skirt.  She loves pockets and she wears both of those colors well. 

 Mommy is happy.  I used a print which had the plaid set on the bias, with a straight grain.  The skirt goes together in no time at all.  I consider the pocket a major plus, she loves pockets and chooses to wear pieces which feature pockets more than any other item of clothing.  I try to guide her fashion choices, but she’s come to an age where I allow her to put together her own outfits, provided they aren’t too stained.  This ensemble is pure Lila style.  She has a lot of input into the fabrics and appliques I use in her clothing, it’s a way we work to find common ground.  This little girl knows what she likes.

This is a great little skirt, I’d highly recommend it for any sewing mommies of little girls.  She gives it two thumbs up, and wears it at least twice a week.  For winter, she’ll wear it over leggings.  I can guess she’ll wear this until it falls apart.  This is a clever, sweet little pattern and deserves a place in every little girl’s wardrobe.  I’m working on a few little winter shirts made from the top as well as a sun jacket- she noticed I don’t put on as much sunscreen as she does and demanded a sunjacket like mommy’s.

I’ll use this pattern again to make her a khaki colored skirt from- wait for it- wide-wale corduroy.  I’m wary of posting too many photos of her both because I have the mommy-fear (what if a deranged pervert uses her photos or starts following us around because she’s so precious?), but also because I don’t want to wear you out with too much kids clothes.  Her little bits and pieces provide me a welcome relief from miles of double welt pockets.  I make little things for her because she’s tiny and lovely, but also because it’s nice to finish something in one sitting.

Anyway, my very first sewing came from the desire to make clothes for my dollies.  Now I have a sweet, opinionated, living dolly to dress and we have a really good time working on her clothes together.


  1. The skirt is really cute!! I love the style, and fabric, the combination of colours. It's a real pleasure to sew for girls, there are so many style and colour options.I've not made much for my 2 boys beyond the basics – PJs, undies, sweatpants and tops. I wish there were more fun/funky/cool designs and colours for boys, both in patterns and RTW.Isn't it amazing how some kids have a fashion sense at a young age? My 2nd who is almost 4, has VERY strong opinions about what he will wear, even undies! He rummages through the neat piles until he finds what he wants!

  2. She's such a cutie! I think my little ones, the older in particular, would also really like to have one of these. I might give it a try since you so highly recommend it! And I think a little girl post every now and then is the perfect touch. :)

  3. That is an adorable little skirt (and outfit!) :) they do have their opinions, don't they?We did a huge wardrobe purge here on the weekend and Syo cleared out a pile of clothes as big as her bed. Including the brightly-patterned little shirt I made her (to her exact specifications for design and fabric) just before Christmas.I am not sure how much more sewing I will be doing for her…. ;)Tyo is just as opinionated, but at least she's not as fickle.Perhaps you could post non-modeled or faceless shots of things you make her, if you'd be more comfortable :). I'd prefer those to blog silence ;)

  4. How cute! I saw an Oliver + S book in the bookstore when I went browsing this weekend. It was so cute but, as I don't have any kids, completely useless to me at this point in time.

  5. I love her little skirt. I have been reading your blog for a month or so. Lila is such a sweetie pie. My kids are all grown up now but I still enjoy seeing the posts of the sweet little outfits you make. They are just adorable. Enjoy the time with her while she is small. You will look back and be so glad that you did.

  6. Lovely skirt, cute little girl:-) I must get around to getting over my fear and just sewing for my kids, mistakes or not. How else will I learn or get better!!!??? :-)

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