Lipstick and a Little Girl

If you’ve ever had a little girl (do boys do this, too?) around the house, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s not a simple matter of keeping my lipstick out of reach.  She finds it in my pocket or my purse, or climbs, and the next thing I know it’s a squashed little tube smeared all over her face.  She wants to be like Mommy, I understand, but it’s rather irritating.  I can’t just throw away a $10-$17 tube of lipstick (the going price for Covergirl here) because a small person ruined the tip, so I end up carrying around the lipstick as well as a brush.  Cumbersome.   Untidy.

I don’t wear much makeup, but lipstick is one of those things that says “This is the face I show to the world.”  I don’t feel properly dressed without it.   Yesterday, I gave in and went to pick up a new tube of my favorite color, “Honeyplum Glow.”  Of course, my local drugstore doesn’t carry that color anymore. 

I had to branch out.  I’m uninformed on lip color these days, so I was fascinated by this lipstain in the form of a felt-tip pen:

I have #425- Plum Pout.  This needs to dry, and after drying I suggest a nice thick coat of lip balm.  The felt tip gives a great deal of control for color placement, it’s quick and stains my lips for hours.  Best of all, I don’t think my little girl can destroy it.  Sure, she can paint all over herself which isn’t optimal, but I’ll still have my cosmetic intact.


  1. My younger niece (not quite three) is terrible for that… Also eating toothpaste, really anything she can get open… It's kinda impressive, actually. I remember one time one of my girls came out of her bedroom with huge rings of red around the lips and black around her eyes… But it was a rare occurrence. Personally I gave up on wearing lipstick shortly after I met my husband… Too much always ended up on his face. (and later the kids) Eye makeup is where I go overboard ;).I should try out a lip-stain, though. The whole non-smudge thing would be awesome.

  2. Lila is so cute…her hair looks a lot darker in this photo too; maybe the indoor effect? Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

  3. Ooo nice colour! I'm to eyeliner like you are to lipstick (or stain). I don't feel ready to face the world if I don't have any on. :)

  4. I feel your pain. I have a sister that is nine years younger than me and destroyed my makeup when I was a teenager. My mother was unsympathetic as I had destroyed her makeup when I was younger. When my sister came to visit me, my little girls got into her luggage and ruined her makeup and I have to admit I laughed like a loon. I am sure that my sister's future children will break into their older cousins' makeup and destroy it for them some day. What is an annoyance now will some day be a funny memory.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I had 4 tubes of lipstick in my vanity drawer and within 3 days, I had zero!! Fortunately, oil free makeup remover can do amazing things to a wiggly little beast all covered in red. My daughter is only a year and a half but she loves to try to put on my powder, eyeshadow, open mascara and liquid liner. My hubby just installed a drawer lock on my vanity drawer and I haven't had any more makeup casualties….yet! *lol* I want to try lip stain. My girlfriend says that it's fabulous and like you said, can't be crushed and squished! I think I'll have to pick up a tube tonight :)

  6. Oh you're so pretty! the lipstick does really bring out your beautiful eyes! Sorry to hear about the squashed lipstick! Yikes!

  7. You made ​​me laugh … I have no child, but I have a sister who is smaller than me (12 years less), so when I was a teenager with a lipstick, she was a little girl with a lipstick writing on everything she caught

  8. LOL! I don't even have a kid but long ago learned to always have tinted lip balm on me for all the little ones who demand to have lips like mine! And I carry band aids at all times. Sheesh. I might as well be a mom already!Do you find the lip stain drying? That was always my experience, even with lip balm over it.

    • This one isn’t ridiculously drying unless I wear it all day long every day for a week. Then it’s very drying. Lip skin peeling back. I decided this stain is not for me for daily wear….

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