A Little Green Fairy To Gladden the Heart

My motherly aunt sent Lila a fairy costume- we mark her 3rd birthday in a few weeks!  This came from the Disney store.  Once I ripped off the Tinkerbell iconography, I fell in love with the fluffy, sparkly little thing.

I made her a denim dress from the Oliver + S School Photo Dress pattern:

 (before hemming)

She picked the embellishments and we worked together with Daddy to decide the placement.  She also helped feed the pieces through the serger and applied the clapper to the seams after I pressed them.  I have an apprentice.


 The dark denim begged for a break in its sobriety- she’s a very small girl, after all.  Like most little girls, she adores sparkles and bright colors and I want to encourage her to express her creativity from a young age.   I rummaged around at work and came up with this narrow pink grosgrain, which I applied to the collar and hem.  I’m still playing with the notion of covering the bottom part of the dress in more of the same butterfly appliques.

I used an old shirt for pocket pieces.  I liked the pocket, it came together easily and the instructions were great.  In fact, as usual Liesel writes with painful clarity.   The whole dress took an evening of sewing, just all of a sudden I had a little dress.  I like Lila clothes for that reason- quick to cut, fast to finish, near instant gratification.  I have as much fun as I used to when making doll’s clothes, except this dolly can move and talk and tell me she wants sparkly butterflies on her skirt.  The dress pattern calls for a lining, I left that out for this heavy stretch denim.

I used the pleated cap sleeves from the  Oliver+S Music Class Blouse.  Although the sun sinks a little earlier each day than the one before, it’s still summer here and I thought 3/4 sleeves would be too hot.  I might make her another for the cold weather- I saw some beautifully printed pinwale cord at the fabric store.

Next- my plans for Sherry’s RTW jacket challenge.

Storm-blue corduroy.  I may have enough to make the suit!

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my recent ponderings.  You give me plenty to think about, it’s so nice to have a fresh perspective sometimes!


  1. Well, I was pretty pleased the Tinkerbell was a sort of huge sparkly cameo thing attached at the front. A swipe with my seam ripper and viola- debranded dress-up gown. They made it easy to remove her.

  2. Hmm, I think I remember scoping out some of those costumes at the Disney store around Xmas and being floored at the price. So cute! Three is such an exciting age… That's when Tyo and I first started fighting… ;)Those Oliver and S patterns are really sweet… Almost makes me wish my kids were little again…

  3. Gorgeous denim dress, I'm sure she'll get lots of wear out of it. I agree with de-branding (though so far childless) I have neices for whom every elephant is 'dumbo' and every fairy 'trilli' (italian tinkerbell) :S

  4. Oh she is absolutely adorable!!! Her smile is the best! Very nice dress (I pull the tinkerbell type stuff off of everything too!)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Doesn't seem that long ago when my little princess was running around the garden all sparkly, she's 23 in October!!!!!!! Where does time go?? X

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