On Sarcastic Cowling

This is just the front, basted together and pinned on and feels a like hyperbole in jersey.  I spent the past few days thinking about how to best tackle the draping, and decided to try the double-cowl with a midriff seam suggested by Frisfirs, Mrs. C, and Sherry.  I also draped from the shoulder.  I would have had no clue where to go after the first knock-off.

The $90 conundrum.  It’s a little more than a top, now.

I marked the midriff line by placing a copy of the first version on my body and marking where it hit beneath my bust.  It’s a flat U shape.  Then I made a 5″ deep V on the front, rotated the horizontal dart to the shoulder and placed the midriff piece over it to make the upper bodice.

I drew the cowl lines- four in all, one from the arm scythe.   I left the dart in the upper drapey part, which I sewed and trimmed.

The upper drape.  It’s the “background” for the entire upper part of the bodice.  I cut and spread 12″.

Lower drape, the cowl curves to hug my curves.  I ended up cutting another cowl line.

Finished piece for upper drape.  The vertical line at the right is the neck, the line at right angles is the CF, you can see the pleated shoulder pieces and the armscythe.

Lower drape piece, same orientation.

I ran out of fabric, so I couldn’t cut the back or sleeves.  I hope I get a chance to work on them in the next few days, but I wanted to share my progress in the meantime.  Thank you so much for your input on the drafting!

This is the top before I realized I should pull the lower drapes down a little.  This amount of draping calls for fine jersey, mine is a whisper-light bamboo jersey.

Tanit-Isis has been busy!  I like how she approaches the design, great inspiration.


  1. I think were getting closer! The next step, I think, is going to involve the pleats. From what I can tell there are only four, and they are not arranged evenly, being clumped toward the neck-side. I think the outer two, at least, are really deep as well….need more thin drapey jersey…. ;)

  2. Yeah! That is best, you came close. I also I have a skirt I bought long ago and do not get the pattern from scratch. It is driving me crazy …..

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