Dresden Plates, A Visual

 Next on my block of the month from last year: Dresden Plates.

Each square has a four-patch background, 16 blades, and a center circle.

Cut 64 blades of each color.  128 blades.

Stitch one.

Stitch 64. 

Repeat for green.

Repeat for each blade.
It’s 64 times 2, now–
Repeat for the green.

 Sew one to just one.

String of paired pieces, spiraled.

Now sew pairs to pairs.

I enjoy quilting for the repetition and the precision involved.  Lila helped trim threads, for the first time more a help than a hindrance. 


  1. Ah, well, I'm not terribly precise… Quilting gives me time to practice but my quilt tops always look like they were done by a dressmaker.

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