A Quick Hello

I’m interested by all the remarks made on the 1950’s Glamour post, thank you for sharing your stories and thoughts.  My motherly aunt exchanged a few emails with me on the subject over the weekend.  I’d like to share them with you all once she green-lights it.  We used to stay up late, sometimes til dawn, pondering such unanswerable questions.  I’m pleased we still do, via e-mail and Skype.  Her thoughts counter-balance my own and I find her particularly insightful. 

In other sewing news, I found myself so delighted by this dress (View 2) that I drafted and sewed her this weekend.  Ok, I only drafted the bodice and borrowed the full pleated bias skirt from Simplicity 4556.  I cut it on the straight for the Birds Dress due to fabric constraints, but swore one day I’d be extravagant.  She needs a hem.  I’m busy with work and friends from overseas at the moment (!), but I want to wear her Monday so I’ll hem by then.

I realized some time ago I have more crinolines than skirts to wear over them, which seems a trifle ridiculous.  I publicly swore not to buy more new fabric until June and I don’t own any lengths of fabric suited to “Fabric-Greedy 1950’s DayWear,” so I took a page out of Peter’s book:

It’s a duvet cover, high thread count, looked fresh, twice washed after I brought it home.  I figure it’s about 5m of fabric, plenty for my disgustingly wasteful New Look day wear and the perfect weight.  Total cost: $2.  I look for fabric to use for exactly this type of frock every time I enter an op-shop and so far this is the only piece I found.  Maybe I’m too picky.

I’m thrilled to finally play with pleats on a plaid to create new lines, I wanted to for a while but couldn’t find the right fabric/pattern marriage.  I like the bamboo trellis, and that shade of green brings out my eyes.


  1. You said it correctly, "Fabric-Greedy 1950's DayWear". I've never understood the voluminous amounts of fabric needed for a simple skirt in the 50s. For that reason alone I don't stray past 40s patterns into the 50s patterns unless it's to make a simple pencil skirt.

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