Zucchini Lemonade

Last Christmas spent in Texas, my motherly aunt piled hand-dyed fat quarters in my hands and bade me do what I would with them and send it to her sometime.  I started the quilt top in October, it progressed so painlessly through piecing and basting I felt I would definitely mail the quilt by November, in time for Christmas.


I spent the past three months desperately trying to quilt straight lines in the ditch on my little Janome 4900.  Walking foot, proper basting, I did everything right but still had a warped trellis quilt.  I find myself ready to tackle this quilt again and plan to use the big quilting machine at work.

First I must unpick the third attempt at straight lines.  I didn’t post the finished top last October lest I ruin my dear one’s Christmas surprise, but she saw it this morning as I unpicked during our weekly Skype call.

Don Draper says “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”  While I would follow little of his advice, this seems sound.  I’ll rip out the crooked lines, smooth it flat one more time and then cover it with free-motion flowers for all I’m worth.  I think the unrestrained florals may help balance the quilt’s crisp geometry.  At any rate, I’ll finish the quilting.

I’ll probably finish quilting the Drunkard’s Path, too!

(I have so many ideas.  A birds on a wire art quilt, inter-cultural eating habits, re-visiting feminist theory, examining the influence of PTSD on 1950’s fashion, and my latest knit top draft.  It’s decent but not amazing…)

The random number generator popped up with a 7, which means the Mod little Megan dress pattern goes to Rosy!  Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll drop her in the mail.  Everyone’s stories cracked me up, thanks for playing.


  1. It looks good and it is nice to be on the home stretch! I'll be interested to see what you do with any of your ideas…it's always fun and inspiring.

  2. That quilt is looking good — it occurs to me yellow and green is a color scheme I haven't seen in a long while. I find that quilting only tends to exacerbate my perfectionistic tendencies, so well done you for changing the conversation to free-motion!I always like reading your more meditative posts and look forward to your POV — these ideas sound way interesting.

  3. The quilt is very cheery. I have put my own quilting aside for awhile since my one machine with a longer arm has died. The little Hello Kitty machine is too cramped. The influence of PTSD on 50's fashion sounds interesting. I haven't heard anyone else posit this idea. Can't wait to read the post!

  4. That color scheme is delicious.When did you get into quilting? My mom really likes it and in fact, she doesn't even sew clothes anymore, just quilts.

  5. Hey, Thanks!! I'm really happy to receive your gift and you are absolutely sure that this beautiful pattern goes to a home where it is very spoiled. Love the colors in that quilt, a combination very daring, I have pending pieces of quilting in my cave and I get terror every time I think about it …. twisted …. Quilting is a shock to me!

  6. Beautiful colours! It reminds me of citrus – not zucchini (cough, cough, courgette!) at all.Your quilting problems are why I hand quilt. It may take forever, but at least it always works!

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