136th Follower Give Away

To celebrate this blogging milestone, I’ll give away 1 36″ bust 1968 Simplicity pattern.  I don’t usually sew from the period, but this pattern is a souvenir of this particular week of my life and I’d like to share it with a reader.  The envelope shows wear, but all pieces and instructions are in good used condition.

Husband and I have spent the past week or so watching season 4 of Mad Men when we should have already been in bed.  The writing sucked him in, and while I enjoy that I marvel at how well the costumer transitions through full skirts to wiggles, appropriately visits la dolche vita style, and now through Megan ventures into slightly-more-Mod-in-a-mainstream-way territory.

This suit reminds me of the dresses above, for silhouette and collar.  I’m generally disappointed by pattern finds while op-shopping in this area.  After mother’s group today, I walked by a hand-lettered sign which read “Op-Shop” outside a church.  Ever the optimist, I pushed my pram around the grounds and eventually discovered a tiny Aladdin’s Cave in the church basement.  Wow.  Talk about treasure trove- the patterns were not terrifically inspiring, but I picked up some items which will feature in later posts.  I promise.  I picked up this pattern precisely because it reminded me of Megan on Mad Men.

It’s not my era and I don’t do slavish knock-offs, but expect a slavish knock-off in the near future.  Ring-a-ding-ding.

While we’re on Mad Men, I have to mention Trudy’s maternity negligie:

This sweet, fluffy bit of nonsense lent some much needed visual levity to the scene, and inspiration to be filed away. 

Give-away is open to all followers and closes on the 13th at 7 pm local.  Remember that I live in the future if you’re in most of Asia, Europe, or the Northern Hemisphere.  Just leave a comment and I’ll have the little girl pick a number at random.  If you make a post about it on your blog and leave me a link, that’s an extra entry.  If you offer an amusing theory as to why I almost lit my over-engineered cotton crepe 1940’s sarong on fire, you get an additional 3 entries.  Don’t let truth get in the way of a good story.

I finished Mirabilis today, photos and construction notes after I take some photos.  We’ll say I’m tickled pink.


  1. LoL! Your milestone was just disrupted by me… so sorry! Have been reading your blog for some time now but decided I may as well follow now. BTW I love your blog, it has really inspired me to create some of my own pieces for my wardrobe! Thanks

  2. I love this pattern. I am also not really into 60s mod fashion, but I can see so much potential in this coat dress. (Is that a thing?) Anyway, your post made me long for more Mad Men and then get saddened by the fact that it is so far away.

  3. wanting to sew more from this time period!! Hmmmm, a story eh?…let me see….you were out at a tikki lounge restaurant wearing the sarong and all of a sudden the electricity went out. You grabbed the tikki torch and saved the day…but not before a gentle breeze flickered the tikki torch onto your sarong. You, however, were unscathed and the dress only has a small flame mark to show for it! But everyone at the restaurant was happy because they could see their drinks (and food) :-) I'm not a very good storyteller :-)

  4. Oh, yeah! 50s and 60s are my favorite times of fashion so much I would use this pattern. A story …. I can see through the window with airy white curtains, a romantic scene of you with your partner, entangled bodies and to make the light a little dimmer, you sharong removed and placed on the lamp …. a moment later the burning smell returns you to reality. (please do not let your husband read this comment ….. serious danger, I die of shame)

  5. With the weather topping out at 45C in some parts of the country I would not be surprised if self-combustion was the cause of your sarong melt-down!

  6. My husband and I jumped on the Mad Men band wagon just before the airing of the 4th season. We bought the first 3 on Apple TV and the only thing that got me through the first 2.5 seasons was the clothing. I have to say I was a bit sad to see the 50's style go bye bye and the early 60's appear. It is not my favorite look, but now the writing has me hooked. Darn you Mad Men.

  7. I would love the pattern. Trying out a vintage pattern is on my to do list.I think you finally had enough of the neighbors trash in your bin, you scooped up some you-know-what off the front lawn with your sarong, lit it, rang the doorbell and left it on their front porch. Seriously.

  8. I love 60s mod clothes… if they have A-line skirts/bottoms. And this coat does. So I'm entering!And a story?You have a bad, old iron. I used to, so I know what it's like. You have to be awfully careful with your ironing. Sadly, at the moment you were ironing your sarong dress, you got distracted for a fraction of a moment by an exotic bird outside the window. It was the first time you've seen a Bohemian waxwing in your part of the world! That fraction of a moment in which you sighted the beautiful creature was enough for your dress to get burnt.(BTW, it's fun to find out that this bird is named after your home country in English… I'm afraid I haven't seen a Bohemian waxwind myself yet. They're rare, even in Bohemia.)

  9. By "your" home country I mean mine, in a general way, of course. I didn't realise this general use of "your" was misleading here until I posted the comment…

  10. I get it. ;) The stories are such fun, but there's a very prosaic reason I stopped working on it and my fingers itched to pick up the lighter…

  11. I would totally make and wear that housecoat dress! About 10 years ago I bought some gorgeous tights printed all over with bright purple and yellow pansies, but by the time I got home I realized I was too old to dress like Emma Peel. Plus, I did not have a dress that would show off those tights to their best advantage. So i put them away in a drawer,thinking I would maybe give them away one day when the right young lady came along. Because they are very special tights, and need just the right person. Here it is 10 years later, and I no longer care if I am too old to be Emma Peel–I would make that dress and wear those tights and who cares if I am too old? But I need that dress pattern, first….

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