1925 Sunhat and Trash Wars- Help a Sista Out

She’s unlined and perching precariously on a rice bowl overturned on a winebottle because I need some help.  I like this shape- just a little prettier than a regular bucket hat and will offer a useful level of sun protection.  This is Vintage Pattern Lending Library’s 1925 cloche View B.  I made view A ages ago from hemp.

The back; I like the darts at the lower back of the crown.  I like the double bands which lend themselves well to a contrast, but I’m a little concerned the stripey contrast ( leftovers from a Smooth Sailing Blouse which turned out well but I have yet to blog) looks more like the main fabric and the natural colored organic cotton (from Jean Ross Pants leftovers) looks like the accent.

See what I mean?  When I put it on, from the viewer’s perspective it looks all stripes….

Fun little shape, though.  I’m tempted to rip off the upper band and replace it with plain organic cotton.  What do you think, from an aesthetic point of view?  More plain, less stripe?  I’m already planning to make another one from a Madras cotton to play with the cut and pattern.  I’d like to make this one really great, since I know I’ll wear the heck out of it.

I could not resist the ensemble madras cotton shirts.  This hat would lend itself well to this type of fabric.

While I’m begging for advice tell me- how can I tell my next-door neighbors that their recent habit of placing their rubbish in our bins pisses me off to no end and I won’t stand for it?  We work very hard in our house to throw away as little as possible and so only get rid of a bag or two of trash a week.

For the past several weeks, I’ve noticed their rubbish in our bins.  I’m sure because of the envelopes right on top (those could have been composted!), and the massive amounts of their yard clippings (seriously, we compost!) filling our bins each week when I put it out.  They aren’t like us and probably think our little victory gardens out the back are weird when we could be cultivating a nice smooth lawn.

I know they’ve seen me taking blog photos on more than one occasion (come on, it looks really funny to an outsider), and I remember the open mouthed stares when I stepped out as Cleopatra.  How should I approach this?  Australians, I’m looking at you.  They’re also about 15 years older and have three constantly running televisions.  I’d rather gently convince them to compost and maybe recycle than scream at them like a drunken fishwife (though I’d kind of like to do that, too) but I have no idea how to approach it.

So there we have it.  Hats and trash- you decide.


  1. You're right about the hat, I think you should replace the contrast band with cotton. It's -such- a cute hat design, I may have to find it and make one too! As for the neighbors…UGH! How rude could they possibly be?! While you can't force them to recycle and compost, you can force them to not put their trash in your trash cans. If you haven't approached them yet, this is how I'd put it: be sweet at first and kindly say some thing like "I noticed that your trash in ending up in my trash can. We make a big effort to compost and recycle in our house so we don't contribute too much to the landfill so can you please not put your trash in our bin?" If you have a garage, fenced in back area or other spot where you could store your garbage cans so it's harder for them to get to, that may also be a good option (although you shouldn't have to do it!) If the trash continues to pile up in your can, I'd put it right back in their can…or in a bag on their doorstep! Some cities have a limit to how much trash you're allowed to put out at one time. They might be filling yours up because theirs is already full. If that's the case, you can contact the city and inform them that your neighbor refuses to stop dumping their excess garbage in your can and I'm sure that the city would be happy to nip it in the bud for you! Good luck. Neighbors can be so lovely but more than not, they're such a pain!!

  2. At first, I kind of shut up and ground my teeth about it because husband tells me I have a hot temper, and anyway it was Christmas and then trash pickups were delayed with all the flooding. But seriously…. Thanks for the input.

  3. Hurm… that's tricky. I think you have to pay extra if you want to get a bigger bin, so that's probably why they are doing it. Maybe point out to them that you don't want to have to pay excess either, and that you noticed a lot of what they throw out could be composted or recycled. If they don't stop it definitely let the council know.

  4. Oh, I remembered that you can get a mini bin and get some kind of discount on rates… if you really don't fill up your rubbish bin at all you could probably talk to the council about getting one, and keep it in your garage until right the night of collection. That way there is no extra room for them to dump their trash on top.

  5. ooooh mini bin… I'm heading to google right now. I like that idea. Then I could be like "Oh, you know, the council offers discount rates for mini bins, we cut down by composting and recycling…" Yes… that could work.Please someone tell me to get loaded and go yell. I'd really love to do that.

  6. Hot temper or not, i'd be pissed too if my lazy neighbors were putting their garbage in my cans. And i'll tell you something else, i'm not usually one to be paranoid, but really, you never know what they are putting in your can. What if it's illegal? I would ask them really nicely to stop from doing that. If it doesn't stop, I would throw the garbage on their lawn. I'm not kidding. Years ago when I lived in an apartment, we had to put our personal washer and dryer in the open basement. SOmeone from my building kept using my machines. Finally I got tired of it and threw their crap out on the lawn. I didn't have a problem after that. Jerks!

  7. Maybe a co-ordinating fabric? A pretty little floral print maybe to balance out the stripes? As for the neighbours, try the friendly "chat" approach then if no better, maybe talk to the council.

  8. I'm torn on the hat, I love the dual-direction stripe but you're right, from the front it would look better with white on top. You need a hat block!As to the garbage, I think you got lots of good suggestions. We haven't even got city bins here except for the recycling ones, everyone just puts their bags out in the alley. It's a wonder they're not all full of raccoons or at least the local cats…Someday I will have a compost….

  9. I would call the city and complain about my neighbor!! Here in Ontairo, Canada, we are only allowed to throw out 3 garbage bags every other week, otherwise we are charged $9 per bag over the alloted three! We have come home early on occassion to find extra garbage on our lawn but have no idea where it came from. So I can certainly sympathize with your frustration!

  10. That's bad about the neighbours. I have no idea how things work in Australia. But from your description of them, I suppose they're running out of trash bin space and using yours. :PI'd try to talk them out of it as friendly as possible. To tell them that… I don't know… that you'd like to keep track of your own trash, so they're messing with your calculations, or something like that. :-) (Although that would probably sound REALLY WEIRD… hm…)Maybe it would help if you asked them if they have anything you could compost? That way you'd be asking them for help, which would make them feel important, which could make them think more about it.I love the shape of that hat. I'm not sure about the stripes. Were it only a striped hat, the stripes would be fabulous, but seeing that was not the effect you were going for in the first place… you're probably right, switch the upper band for the organic cotton.

  11. Reading everyone's comments, I'm not sure if I can contribute anything else (on both topics). :) Good luck with the neighbours though!I love the look of the contrasting stripes on the sides and back, but yeah, it goes a little stripiganza looking on the front, and then the cotton on the top of the brim looks a little out of place. I guess the other option could be to swap out the stripe on the base of brim with white cotton, but I think you all have it right on just changing the upper band. Very cute hat, though! The shape is really neat. :)

  12. Hat – Definitely replace the top band with a solid. While the contrast is lovely to look at perched on a wine bottle, the effect is lost while wearing it so, unfortunately, it doesn't count :(Garbage – We are similar to you, we have a family of 5 and 4 dogs and we throw away not even one full bag of garbage a week. Although, we are allowed 2 full cans. Our neighbors took this as an opportunity to put their trash in our cans as they overflowed their cans on a regular basis. I just finally got a small Rubbermade tote and started using that for our bag (to protect from the skunks etc). I then pulled my cans to the back of the house and used them for yard trimming transportation. Worked well. PS I used an oatmeal mask last night and found a measurable difference today in the 'angriness' of my skin and cystic acne. So much so that I did not use my prescription lotion this morning. I look forward to seeing what it will do longer term. I have been using a topical antibiotic for FAR too long and I am eager never use it again.

  13. Don't EVER throw their trash back on their lawn. Tit-for-tat is NEVER a good idea. They are being sneaky, but that's downright war. Foolish. Don't do it. Point out how good for their garden composting is. If you want to be a good example, tell them how good for the garden composting is and offer to take their clippings and compost them, rather than having them in your bins. Surely the point is to save the world, not make war on your neighbours?Hatty

  14. I think replacing the upper band with the solid color is a good idea. I'm not much of a hat person, but I really like the shape of this one. The lower band would be a cute place to play with embroidery, trims or even crazy quilting. f. Whether to use a casual "excuse me, but would you please stop using our bin? You can request another one from the council" or simply reporting them to whichever agency handles this sort of thing and letting the authorities handle it We had a similar trashy situation at our apartment in the Netherlands- After our neighbor refused to stop poaching our bin space, we checked with the council and then put a padlock on our assigned bin. Passive-aggressive, but effective. It's hard to argue with someone when you don't speak their language well; locking the bin spoke for us. It was also amusing to find out how much more English our neighbor had learned between the time we asked him to stop and the evening he discovered the padlock and came upstairs to tell us we were not allowed to do that.

  15. Blogger seems to have eaten a sentence or two.. The second paraqraph should beging with "your relationship with your neighbors can influence how you handle the trash situation. If you're not friendly with them, you don't want to aggravate things or nudge them into giving you more grief.

  16. Thanks for the input, everyone! So much to think about.. Just to be clear, I would have to be *very* provoked to launch an all out war on the neighbors and as much as I may joke about it, I wouldn't go there. You offered some great ideas on things to try.Pepper-so glad the oats are helping you!

  17. I had this issue in the States (we weren't charged for extra), and I was a teenager and had to cart mine AND theirs to the street. A 15 year old kid with extra work isn't fun. I wound up using a bicycle lock on them, and just locked them out, then dropped the bags they placed on top back into their yard. A couple of weeks later and they did stop.I don't compost, and I can't in my apartment.

  18. I think your feeling about replacing some of the stripes is right – the hat is looking great but will be more striking with the stripes as a lesser feature.Re your neighbours – I had 7 years of nightmare-from-hell neighbours, and based on my experience with them (a family!!) would suggest a very polite, softly-softly approach just in case it gets out of hand. They are probably on such a different wavelength to you that they have no idea their rubbish could be bugging you! I love the small bin idea too.

  19. I sometimes trim hats and I agree with Tanit-Isis, ohh, it would be so nice to have a hat block. No more wobbly homemade ones. The trash – if you neighbors are overflowing their own bins – my guess is that they would not understand composting. My own American boomer mother says, "I just love disposables!" Sigh. I think she thinks all of the green ideas are kooky. The thing is your neighbors haven't asked. Had they you might have a different response as in conversation you might see why they are coming up with more trash, and it would have been polite. Neutral stance sounds best. Padlocks, or the mini-bin kept in the garage – those ideas sound like good advice.

  20. Hat…I would replace the top stripe fabric with solid. Also, would the stripe fabric as a band benefit from a little interfacing?As far as the neighbors, I like to see if something is a pattern or habit, before I get concerned. I tend to let things go, asking is there real harm being done.If it is a pattern then start with the mildest action first before escalating. You can always rev up, harder to back down.And while it would be lovely to have them adopt your green efforts, it really isn't within our rights to try to change our neighbors. It is within our rights to have our trash cans not be used by others. Approach with the understanding that not everyone sees things the way that we do.Just my two cents…Be the change you wish to see in the world–Gandhi

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