One Year Blogiversary

 I officially created this blog on May 22, 2009 but felt stumped- how do I possibly begin writing a blog?  Should I?  Surely only self-obsessed navel-gazers write blogs, right?

Then last January 23 I stridently spewed forth my opinions on sewing and style through 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World and haven’t stopped.  This blog began as my attempt to find a way to write every few days- writing anything. 

Since then I’ve learned more than I imagined possible and find my life enriched in unexpected ways by the input of our lovely community.   Before last January I felt isolated, cranky (which only served to increase my isolation as I drove people away), and relied far too heavily on my husband as a sounding board for many of the very things I post about here.  I’m inspired by the work of other bloggers, especially those who find themselves outsiders in a new country and turn to sewing as a way to deal.  I get that. 

Thank you- thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for listening.   Thank you for allowing me to pillage your blogs for inspiration.  I’m happier now that I have this outlet, and look forward to many more posts and watching what others create. 


  1. Hey! Happy Blogiversary!!! I think the pleasure is ours, all the bloggers who went through your page and enjoy your talent.

  2. Happy blogiversary to you!You live in a z… Er, wait. Sorry, I spent too much time yesterday singing rotten school rhymes with my kids. Yay for one year, and for bettering yourself through blogging. :)

  3. Happy blogiversary! The online sewing community is great, isn't it! I really enjoy your blog: you have a unique and inspiring perspective. Keep blogging!

  4. I know nothing about sewing but I enjoy your blog immensely. You're an inspiring, intelligent woman. It makes me wish I'd made more effort to get to know you when I had the chance.

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