Readalong, Disappointment and a Consolation Blouse

So many people responded favorably to a “vintage readalong,” I put my mind to work on how to accomplish such a thing.  Posting about books on this blog would work, but I think book discussions benefit from a variety of perspectives.  Besides, I want to clutter the blog with my sewing and not much else.

I offer Pelicans and Penguins, named after the iconic mid-century paperback publishers.  We’ll have a set period of time to read each book.  Post about it during that window- it doesn’t have to be an in-depth plot analysis.  In fact, I think a 300 word limit will suffice.

It’s about picking out what speaks to you and sharing it.  The one-liner that makes you snort out loud?  Post that.  A description that creates a living breathing person in your mind’s eye?  Post that.  Brilliant revelations about the era, or our own time through the lens of fiction?  Post that.    

Send me your email address to join.  bellelass(at)yahoo(dot)com.

I thought we’d read Breakfast at Tiffany’s first (or re-read it).  The next book can be put to a vote.

Check out Emmi’s blog for a chance to win two Penguin Paperbacks: Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Big Sleep. 

Now the Disappointment- shipping charges.  I bought fabrics with Christmas money before my fabric freeze, was excited, then lost them.  I already wrote my tale of woe.

Since I didn’t end up with my lovely Christmas fabric, I considered a purchase of pretty flocked cheesecloth for a blouse.  Fair enough.

I traded a suit, two dresses and a skirt’s worth of fabric for a blouse.  That’s the end of my fabric buying.

After all, tomorrow is another day!

Coming soon: razor sharp box pleats.


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