Holiday Striper- Needs Sleeves!

The skirt comes from the late 30’s, the bodice from WW2, yet somehow this dress reminds me of the teens, especially with my daughter’s straw boater.  Remember I added extra room to eat?  This dress turned out rather blousy, but in a good summery way.

Down to business.  Darted sleeve cap, a sleeve pattern I know I love from Zemelda?  Or risk more stripey goodness with Wearing History’s gathered bias sleeves?  Or sleeveless?  I need to set this aside to think while I finish off other projects, I’ll sleeve her up tomorrow.

I don’t know if two postings in a day violates an unwritten blogging rule.  My husband and daughter left ahead of me for our holiday destination which means I have ample time to sew and clean and generally get the house in order for the New Year.  Leaves plenty of blogging time, too.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, it's looking great! I see what you mean about the teens, something about the blousy top with the vertical panels and the narrow but fancy skirt. If you want to accentuate this, go with the bias sleeves (they sound yummy!) but if not I'd stick with a short sleeve—or sleeveless as it is, which looks great. I love the fascinating seaming on this!

  2. I really like the flared godet at the skirt bottom. Terrific use of stripes. You know, Tanitisis is right, you could go sleeveless with this one. The collar is very striking too. Today we begin four full days of family gatherings. As I may not be back online to chat with you again until after the holiday, Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. That dress is made of pure awesome!I kinda think a flutter sleeve would look cute :)The sleeves from my pattern are cut on grain but the cuffs are bias. But I guess you could probably cut them on bias. Actually, that sounds kinda cool… but I never tried it :)

  4. Lauren, I must have mis-read a review or blog post where someone was super keen to work with your bias gathered sleeves, and it's fired my imagination ever since. I might stick them on the bias anyway, because I can…

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