Simple Handmade Gift for a Little Girl- Dress Up!

 Should you seek to sew a speedy slip of sweetness sure to satisfy a small slyph, scroll down.

My small daughter has an equally small cousin.  I found some flocked tulle the other day, matched some sequins and ribbon, then figured out how to put it together as dress up skirts.  Nothing serious.  At $9 each, they can go jump in the mud in them for all I care.

I am absolutely not performing rocket science.   I slapped both together in half an hour.

We had a great time together picking out tulle, ribbons, and sequins.  Lila wanted orange and purple- she delights in having creative control even at her age.  I give her a few choices, she has the final decision.  We stuck to pink for her cousin.  My girl helped me sew too, it’s an easy-to-share-with-the-little-person-project.

I used about 3/4 yd of wide spotted tulle.  The length you buy will be double the length from waist to hem.  For denser skirts, use more layers.

I bought 1 1/2 yards of 2″ wide satin ribbon and about the same amount of sequined trim.  I bought slightly elasticized sequins so I could use a remnant piece for a matching headband.

Matching (or contrasting) feathers, etc to trim headband.

Elastic.  Make sure it’s comfy.

Zig zag the sequin trim along one cut edge of the tulle.  You could possibly use narrower trim on both layers.  Then fold the tulle in almost-half.  The plain edge of the tulle should come short of the sequined edge.

(For a denser skirt, use two or three or four sections of trimmed and folded over tulle.  Stack them on top of each other and stitch them together as one at the folded edge.)

Press a crease in the folded tulle (with a cool iron, tulle shies from heat).  Lap one edge of the ribbon over the folded edge by 1/4″ and zig-zag in place.  A decorative stitch in contrasting thread would look fantastic here, I went for simplicity.

Start sewing halfway down the ribbon and stop at the bottom of the tulle, making sure to catch all the layers of tulle in the seam.  Press the seam to one side. If you like, straight stitch along the seam allowance to help it lie flat.  I used 1/2″ seam alloance from force of habit.

Press the ribbon waistband in half.  You should have a clean opening to thread your elastic.  Stitch the waistband down, then thread the elastic.  I left the opening in the waistband in case it lasts long enough for me to replace the elastic. 

I used some sequin trim to make a headband.   Lap the ends, stich them, use some glue to keep raveling to a minimum.  For Z’s, I used an emu cluster.  Lila spotted a purple butterfly made of feathers for her headband.

I discovered I can create whimsy for and with small children and find myself enjoying the holiday for once.  Soon I can make scavenger hunts and theatricals.

Time to bang out a few more sun hats and a top secret gift for the Husband.


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