Finished Objects: Ice Cream Dress, Sun Hat and a Preview

Lila obligingly modeled the hat and dress I made for her cousin.  The colors will be perfect on sparky little blond, blue-eyed Z.  I used the Blue Sky Sun Hat and Oliver + S Ice Cream Social Dress.  I recently made another version of this in Eiffel Tower fabric for my daughter.  The sun hat functions as a wearable umbrella for sun protection: unforeseen but welcome.  Such a wide brim for a little girl!

I enclosed the seams for the sleeve heads and the neck as per the instructions, but sewed the yoke to the dress with a single sewn then serged seam, which I pressed and top-stitched.  I used a similar treatment for the bottom border, which sped up construction.  This pattern works best with a fabrics that read “light” and “dark.”  If the “dark” encloses the light, the contrast pleases the eye.

Amy Butler designs fabric.  Her patterns (especially later patterns) bid you buy nearly double what you will need for a project.  Also, while I appreciate the power of interlining, but in this case I consider three layers of brim canvas OTT.  The hat on the pattern cover screams “home-made,” partly caused by the dreadful thick brim.  I used a single layer of medium-heavy non-woven fusible on the under brim.  I finished the brim with regularly spaced rows of top-stitching.  The stitching helps the brim lie smoothly and creates a detailed finish.

I sewed either end of a rouleau tie into the lining brim/crown seam, threaded with a toggle.

Beware!  An adult with a small head may need to lengthen the crown piece.

Speaking of hats:

A little preview, needs finishing and styling.

Did I mention I’m thinking up a costume for a “Heroes and Villains” party this New Years?  I’m thinking Marie Antionette (I could pretend to be her all night, so many good lines, a great big wig, and the clothes, swoon…) but I’m open to suggestions.


  1. The hats are FANTASTIC! I love your fascinator and I also really like the little sun hat and that the fabric matches the dress! Sooooooooo cute! Great job!

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