Sharp and Pointy Winner!

I’m pleased to announce Tanit-Isis as the winner of the Sharp and Pointies Giveaway.  She’s been sewing up kid’s coats and her own version of Lady Grey with a flair and drive that truly inspires.   And she wrote for Nanowrimo.   I’m sure the pricklies will be put to the very best of use.  (Send me your address.)

In other news, I’m still pretty busy at work and with sewing.  The heat of summer doesn’t help me feel jolly or energetic, but I’m slowly finishing projects and laying plans.  My little Christmas hat does help me feel jolly, I’m becoming rather fond of wearing her out and about.  The more I wear hats, the more I want to wear hats.

I want a white one.

White with feathers.

Is that called a Sampan hat?  I know I’ve seen drawings of chic 1950’s ladies wearing hats like that which teeter dangerously on their piled-up hair.  I’d probably wear this perched in front of a beehive.  Do tell me, is maribou tacky?  Could I get away with a few of the sleeker feathers on this one?  I think I’ll cover the frame using an extra-large circle of white/ivory dupioni or silky, figure out a way to secure it to the edges, and gather it underneath for an enchanting pleated effect.  The comb/headpiece should cover the hole left.

I intend it to be worn with my happy birthday dress, sewn during my birthday stay-cation. I concentrated so much time and effort into the dress, she and I had to have a break from each other.  All she needs is the zipper, lining, and hem.  I’ll make myself a new fluffer to go underneath, too.   The graduation is next week.


  1. All the colors for the hat in one scheme or all the colors for the whole outfit? I thought of going head-to-toe in the stormcloud blue. That's very early 60's, but I'm not sure I could get away with it… And the added difficulty of finding shoes that color. I'm not a shoe person.

  2. OMG OMG OMG! SQUEE!!!!I was ogling pins in the machine store today, but I didn't quite bite… oh, yay, yay, yay…Ok, off to email you my address :)Yippee!!!!… also I think the white hat will be just darling. I love vintage hats, with all the bells and whistles.

  3. A wonderful suit! bow dress that looks incredibly elegant fabric and the hat is the finishing touch. I'm desperate to see the final product on you. 50s and early 60s are my favorite fashion season.

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