Finished Object: Ice Cream Social Dress

Congratulations, Erica (e-mail me your address), you guessed correctly (extra points for registering)!  I made an Ice Cream Social Dress:

Eiffel Tower fabric from Michael Miller.   Fabric stores carry quilting fabric and quilting fabric, if you get my drift.  The test runs for setting the fabric printing process turn up in discount stores for rock-bottom prices.  The manufacturer uses inferior fabric and watered down inks to check alignment before printing on proper quilter’s cotton.  Makes sense.  The cheap stuff has its place.  I wanted a cute, comfy dress she could wear to Husband’s graduation-  this time I used the good stuff.

I trimmed the yoke with pink ric-rac to break up the turquoise.  I basted the ric-rac to the yoke pieces after I pressed the bottom yoke seam allowance under.  I liked their construction technique- a little different but solid, and explained well enough for a rank beginner.  Leisel writes clearly yet concisely.  The notches and the tip for making smooth v’s also get a thumbs up- I love picking up new tricks.  I made this one according to the pattern, I plan to re-engineer some of the construction for subsequent dresses.

Back.  I found the back yoke slit awkward.  This dress fits her perfectly (for a sack)- look how the cut-on sleeves fall.  The gathers distribute the front fullness over her toddler belly, while the back gathers fairly evenly.  The bottom hem is self-faced which lends extra shape to the dress.

(best color match)

Her Eiffel Tower fixation began when Nan brought her a sparkly t-shirt from Paris.  She calls the Tower her “Paris.”  I feared the fabric might prove as obnoxious on her frame as on the bolt, but it works.  It’s so much fun to give her a little creative license; now she’s a big girl we can collaborate.  She chose the contrast from several acceptable fabrics I picked.

I’m in love with the pattern.  It hearkens to early 20th century girl’s dresses- uncomplicated, cool and sweet.

Past Patterns– Modern size 2T
This pattern has two more views- another dress and a little blouse.  Accounting for the minuscule amount of time it took to whip up, since it pleases my eye and (most importantly) because she loves her little dress, I believe I have a new Lila TNT.
In fact, I already picked the next one (for her cousin):


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