I didn’t forget: Holiday Candy Striper

Between roast chickens and snail trails, I haven’t forgotten Hollywood 641.  After failing to locate the traced pattern, I had to psyche myself to trace another bodice.  I’ll use Zemelda’s sleeves, and something gorgeous from the era (not a six-gore, yawn) for the skirt.

I added 2″ of room to the side front bodice panels, a simple FBA.  I gathered them to the T-shape.  The other dress I have from this pattern fits ok, but it makes me look busty.   I added 1/2″ to the waist to allow for- merrymaking. (noun. definition: eating too much pie.)

Right half of the bodice, with mini-Christmas ball buttons.

Back.  Gathering those side sections to the T’s with lapped seams was ridiculously time-consuming but ultimately rewarding.  The first time I made this dress, I skipped lapped seams and had an even worse time sewing the sections together.  After Cat Pine, I lap when told.

Sure, I have a few hats to knit, a couple of little girl dresses, a cocktail dress to line and finish, several sun hats to whip up and my sudden passionate obsession with pillbox hats which bears investigation.

And two quilts to quilt… I gave up quilting on my machine after mom’s quilt came out painfully warped.  I spent three times as long reverse-sewing (unpicking) the quilting as I spent sewing it.  I’ll go use the big quilting frame at work.  I promise to take pictures.  That should be a few hours’ toil once I get my hand back in using the big quilter.   Next week.   It’s still December 1!

What’s on your “last-minute” holiday work list?


  1. I love the T pieces– makes for a really fabulous design with the stripes.Ack! It's not last minute yet is it? I haven't even started my holiday sewing. I have a long list, too…

  2. Gosh I need a lie down after reading your list…and I'm not the one doing the sewing. I have 9 days to go before I hit the road and still need to make 2 pairs of boardies, 3 bags, 1 trinket keeper, a new blouse, an art folder and preferably a new dress for Christmas (but I have cheated and bought one just in case I run out of time). Good times!

  3. Oooh, this is going to look gorgeous! It's a very cute design and you've chosen the perfect fabric to make this look amazingly lovely!!And btw, what does "3 hrs past the edge of the world mean", exactly? Because the last I checked we were actually part of the world here in Australia, and at least we are using 20th century, oh sorry, 21st century, measuring systems here too, which is more than I can say for some countries… :) Oh, and Australia does not have "strange shores" either…

  4. Have you ever been north of Cairns? The shores literally sparkly and glitter with ground quartz. Every beach I've been to here has been strange and marvelous to me. Growing up reading missionary accounts in the U.S., Papua New Guinea was absolutely The End of the World. I had a weird moment after I moved here when I realized our proximity to that island. I said "I can't believe we live 3 hours from the edge of the world." Husband (a glib self-deprecating Aussie) replied, "You could say you live 3 hours past the edge of the world." I humbly accede to the superiority of the metric system, I can do both but my mind works better in imperial. :)

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